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I have an essay on college research paper idea subject: Many people prefer to rent a house rather than buying one. Describe the advantages and disadvantages for renting. Nowadays many people prefer renting a house to buying one, because they think it is cheap and essays property rental don't have to spend several years, saving money to buy a house. I am sure that most people can afford to rent a house and after they move in the house thay needn't worry about furnishing, painting and repairing the free full dissertations, because it has already been done by the owners. However, most people don't realise that renting a house can cost as much as buying a new one. Moreover if there is a damage such as a cracked wall or flood they will be responsible for fixing the problem. If you add the loan and all kinds of expenses for one year you will get the total amount of money you spent on living in a rented house and you can see whether it is worth it or not.

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Help writing journalism business plan

Through extensive testing and consistent criteria-based measurements, Kraig will be able to offer objective product testing. Write Bike also offers interviews, typically with professional racers as well as industry personalities. Kraig, having raced at the elite level in the past, is personal friends with many different racers and can offer written interviews to his different customer publications.

Kraig will also sell reports from the annual bicycle industry trade shows, the premier place for new product launches. He will also be able to offer fitness and training articles, specific to cycling from his extensive riding experience and educational background. Write Bike will write articles either on demand or speculatively. The Market It was just several years ago when the only source of cycling information was either from the local bike shop or the printed magazine.

With the proliferation of the Internet, there are many different cycling specific sites that act as online magazines. Write Bike will sell their articles either to the print magazines or the online magazines. Due to a consolidation phenomenon within the publishing industry, many different magazines are merging into larger units and many staff writers are being let go. This benefits Write Bike because it creates demand for freelance articles.

The two target market customers: print and online magazines, comprise a total of potential customers, and respectively. Management Kraig Guthrie brings a wealth of experience to Write Bike. Kraig received his undergraduate degree in Biology and Journalism from Brown University. While at Brown Kraig raced on their cycling team as well as wrote for the student newspaper.

Upon graduation Kraig continued to pursue cycling, both at a competitive level as well as business related. Kraig participated at the Olympic Training sessions, riding as an elite cyclist. Additionally, Kraig managed a bicycle shop for several years. Oculus Rift occurred. Twitter went public. We raised 9 million dollars to build branded content tools and grew from ten to seventy employees and about half of the journalists in America.

In , the world sees itself through brand new lenses. Historically, media companies have been the businesses with the best relationships with their audiences, the most loyalty and attention. I hope to hear the discussion about news shift from its lost past to its future—its many possible futures. The fact is: Most of what we read in magazines or watch on television or browse on the Internet is not journalism. But not Journalism.

Accepting this fact made it easier for me to swallow the idea of our journalists finding and telling stories on behalf of brands. They make it clear that it wants the reader to like its company, to advocate for the brand and perhaps eventually buy GE products. This distinction between Journalism and content is crucial to the discussion of business models because the former has never been independently profitable.

By ignoring this fact, and the difference between what-to-wear entertainment and keep-the-government-honest Journalism, we distract ourselves from the actual challenge at hand. We need to admit to ourselves that high-minded Journalism was never a good business by itself. In the newspaper, the ads in the sports section have historically paid for the war reporting on page one.

Commercials keep the power on at the radio station. And, of course, rich families have kept less-than-profitable news orgs afloat as long as any of us have been alive. Publishing became a lucrative enterprise because media companies—whether news or not—had audience. As much as it pains me as a creative person to say it, it was that attention that the advertisers paid for, not the content itself though the content attracted the attention. As media entrepreneur Brian Alvey once told me, nobody wants to advertise next to the story about the orphanage fire.

And bundling is largely done for. Additionally, with the rise of the web, advertisers want their ads to be closer to the purchase than ever before. So advertisers pay based on clicks and, increasingly, attention time. Publishers, meanwhile, cram ads into every crevice imaginable, from the related links to the comment sections to the story feeds. However, I contend that most of the technologies that critics and entrepreneurs get excited about with respect to the future of media are at best wishful thinking with no economics to support them—and at worst just dumb.

In reality, all those applications did was give reporters tools to do their jobs a little better, while siphoning more ad money away from their parent companies. In reality, little of the money made from computer watches will find its way to news orgs. Optimistic media bloggers tend to stop typing right before the part where math is required. A new currency, even one that divides into tiny, tiny increments, does nothing to address the fundamental problem of funding journalism.

For two reasons:. Sponsored content works best for the kind of content that advertisers have always wanted to be associated with: The not-Journalism content. This is precisely the kind of content that brands can publish under their own banners, on their own websites and in their own magazines—at lower cost and higher ROI because the brand can own the experience from content to shopping cart or brand advocacy.

I predict that in the next two-to-five years brands will shift from sponsoring information and entertainment to producing their own rival publications. This will push the premiums for sponsored real estate down to the point that news organizations need to find yet other ways to subsidize their non-advertiser coverage. I do believe that sponsored content will be a profitable business for a little while. And I think by nature it will be much more profitable per unit for Details magazine than it will for The Washington Post.

Like when we defined automobiles by the past paradigm, calling them horseless carriages. And you find at the crudest level two models for funding Journalism: subsidizing it, or getting people to directly pay for it. Two and a half years ago, I predicted that crowds could directly pay for Journalism.

Sites like Beacon do this now in the Kickstarter method: People pitch in to fund a story idea, then a reporter makes the story. Again, the math is tricky. I think one of the most important ideas for the future of the business of Journalism is this: Instead of chasing new technologies and shoehorning them into old business models, we should step back and ask, Can the fundamental assets that news orgs accrue be used to generate subsidies for Journalism?

If they can, this is good news. If news orgs can maintain market leadership with products that can also subsidize Journalism, those subsidies will be hard to siphon away. Here are the core assets that effective journalistic organizations accrue over time:. Access to audience is what media companies typically sell advertisers. Now that we have Google and Twitter and Facebook and every other website to compete with, selling online reach to a targeted audience is a tough business to win.

But one advantage media companies do have with their audiences is immense trust built on telling stories. These relationships can be monetized through events where the audience can meet each other in person and pay for live access to content, speakers, and talent e. A lot of low-class content gets created by the audience itself at these secondary tiers, and exceptional stuff periodically gets brought to the main brands.

This is a way to lower the cost of creating quality content through a spray approach, essentially. It also carries the advantage of infusing news organizations with new blood and points of view. Finally, though the world is full of content, good publishers are in a position to engage audiences with better content than alternative sources of entertainment on the web.

As more of advertising turns to the attention-based model that Upworthy and Chartbeat and others including Contently advocate, the incentive for those who make money from advertising is to engage people longer. News organizations, with their expertise in building and maintaining relationships with audiences, can win at this game.

I do harbor skepticism that attention-based advertising will work in the long run, simply because an advertisement next to the thing that you want as a consumer is not a good experience. I think the rates for attention-based banner advertising will eventually fall, but the so-called silver tuna in this model is when you apply it to sponsored content. If I were Ogilvy, I would be nervous that Fast Company or Vogue could step in and steal clients, helping them build big publications with legitimate audiences.

This practice will pose questions about church-and-state separation within a media brand, and those ethical issues are going to be important future discussions.


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Many customers in America and Africa committed in their mind to shop optimistically from certain companies that impact their society. The social media is used as a platform by customers to engage their product and service providers on social issues. As a result, Manolo blahnik unique fashionable outfits portray a unique and astounding creativity. Developing an effective plan to facilitate diversification of the brand can be credited by the consequential increase in other industries interest in promoting and producing competitive brands.

The success depicted in the local market can be reflected in other competitive areas such as Bangkok and Thailand. The global dynamic competition in the fashion market requires the entailed firm to enact strategic plans to earn a piece of the market share. Reputation developed based on the brand manolo blahnik is referenced Section 2. The aim is to expand the market by venturing into other countries.

Hence it is crucial to prepare an international business plan so as to make it happen. In order to develop an IBP, a series of steps may be followed. First, we should determine the services to be offered or the goods to be exported. However, before developing an IBP, The firm aims at introducing a new brand of coffee known as Acai Frappuccino that is made with Acai fruits. The company has an objective of promoting this product so that new and existing customers may be aware of the product.

Acai is a purple fruit that grows from the Acai tree. The fruit has a unique feature of containing numerous nutrients; this characteristic is not common to other fruits. The nutrients that the fruit contain help in building body muscles, strengthening resistance of the body to diseases, and providing oxygen The Naturally Pita Crackers is an organic thin, crisp, and flavorful crackers made or low sodium with zero saturated fats.

It a family owned company that will be well known for that represents quality, health, and indulgence, into successful new product introductions in the highly competitive snack food market. The company will conduct its distribution through existing retail channels and regular distributors. The project is about electronic medical records EMR to be used in healthcare organizations or institutions. The establishment of healthcare institutions and organizations is on the rise.

That has made healthcare to be a growing business. The success of the healthcare business will be based upon the ability to be affordable, ability to upgrade without making major components change and provide multiple layers of Its main business is the manufacture and sale of smart baby car chairs that will be fitted with digital applications to ensure that the baby is meaningfully engaged and allow the driver to concentrate.

These relationships are supposed to be strictly professional and based on business ethics to ensure that they exist for the mutual benefits of both parties that are involved in the relationships. Good relationships can be developed through different ways some of which include constant communication with the concerned departments. This is meant to ensure that the parties are in constant understanding of what is going on with the other and they maintain it at healthy levels.

The other The US is still trying to recover from the global economic crisis that began in Some of the recovery measures initiated by President Barrack Obama in his first term have improved the economy but at a slower rate than desired. The economy still suffers from a persistent liquidity trap. Lenders are unwilling lend while borrowers are reluctant to as for loans. The euro debt crisis coupled with the continuing global economic slowdown has affected overall economic growth for the US.

The economic stimulus plan approved by congress in will expire on the first of January in Software is becoming more and more advanced by the day. With this advancement, comes new and exciting ways that enable effective and efficient tackling of everyday problems. Speech recognition software is one such software. Researching in the speech recognition software will provide an avenue to uncover in what situations the speech recognition software would come in handy in the business.

This could range from reducing the number of hours and manpower used to do routine typing to the production of urgently needed reports faster. Researching on the Speech Recognition Software will research the means in which The society full with papers communication dominant in the past has proved to be a mirage, thanks to rapid technological advancement.

This is because as technology rapidly improves, the need to access ICT services also accelerates and people tend to rely more on the paperless communication. The combination of rapidly advancing technological and highly competitive and attractive pricing has made computers affordable hence making it easy for us to acquire some equipment to be used in offering our ICT services.

The Information and It is evident that the inputs of putting the hotel underway in terms of operation will be high. As such, many individuals will be definitely skeptic to try such kind of a hotel. The concerned management can institute the process of stretching the discounts as far as they can. This will go a long way in ensuring that the hotel not only attracts new customers daily, but also gets to maintain the earned customers.

Advertisement is a very effective way of increasing customer Register Internal server error. Please try again later. Forgot password? Password recovery email has been sent to email email. Type of Paper. Essay Topics. Educational Tools. Need more Journalism Business Plan examples? Components of a Business Case The Pen flash drive is a data storage device that will enable companies and individuals to stop loosing data.

Read more. Executive Summary Demand media aims at increasing the number of people and the hours they spend on their web pages. Search Engine. Introduction An art project needs to succeed on various levels if it is not to fail and first and foremost there needs to be a good marketing plan for it to eventually be successful.

Don't waste your time searching for a sample. Public Relations. Executive summary Sustainable marketing plan of O2 mobile United Kingdom is mainly intended to meet its objectives. Environmental Justice. Solar Energy. International Markets Selection The wine industry, on the global front, has encountered some astounding swings in the course of recent years. Mergers And Acquisitions. Country Notebook Business Plan Example. Cultural Analysis Introduction Cultural analysis in marketing is a close examination on how culture influence hat human purchase.

Tactics Business Plan Example. E-marketing E-marketing is an emerging trend in the world of business due to which the organization must focus and utilize the emerging trend to its benefit. Business Plan On Multinational Business. Question 1 Many customers for Abercrombie and Fitch who would consume their products in Kuwait are unpredictable and they hesitate to buy a product that they little know about.

Middle East. Harvard Business. Business plan Part 1: Business idea My business idea is a starting barbershop. Essay layout The layout of this essay will be characterized by several sections based on each question. Business Model. Real Estate. IHMN The hospitality industry is categories under the service providing industry. Human Resource Management. Any organization that desires to venture the international market, initially needs to have a plan on how to carry out its operations in a new market.

Golf Club. Benchmark is the measure of success of any product in the market. We will study three brands in the alcohol industry and their benchmarks. Profile and overview: This company started by Swedish industrialist in the early The World.

Gadgets Inc. Introduction Within 50 miles of reach, the residents of Plainview city have no access to a cardiac treatment Centre. Social Responsibility. Marketing strategy Introduction The competitive fashion industry requires effective marketing strategies. Business Plan On Ice Cream. Ice Cream. Sales Proposal Business Plan Examples. Executive Summary Starbucks is a company that specializes in selling coffee besides other products.

Example Of Company Business Plan. Responsibilities Business Plan Examples. Health Care. Solar Solutions Ltd is determined to enter into business relations with foreign governments and maintain good and lasting relationships with them. Economic Strategic Plan Business Plan. Introduction The US is still trying to recover from the global economic crisis that began in Time Management.

Moreover, your work will go down the drain if you submit this information in the form that nobody wants to read. Therefore, in order to stay on the safe side when writing a journalism paper, be sure to take the following into consideration:. Lead is a prelude to your article, which should entice a potential reader. The success of your work mostly depends on the lead.

Therefore, in this part, be sure to indicate the most interesting and intriguing information to give the reader an idea of what the rest of the article is going to be about. The lead must not contain more than words, so keeping the info to-the-point is a must. Especially if you are writing a news article. Your main task here is to present the facts in a clear and concise manner. Of course, you are free to add some creative parts in your paper, however, do not forget about your primary goal.

Use the inverted pyramid model. Disclose the most important things at the beginning and finish with the most insignificant information. It is crucial that you have at least a basic idea of what you are going to write about before you start putting it on paper.

If you do not know where to start, imagine that you write a letter to your friend where you tell your story. By using several sources, you will be able not only to learn more about selected topics but also to make sure that the information you provide in your research paper is up-to-date, accurate, and verifiable. Writing an article based on suspicious data is the worst thing that a journalist can do.

Journalistic assignments require completing some investigation, often an extensive one, in order to uncover facts. Seriously, you have to do it each time you are writing an article. Therefore, always check your sources of information. You may use some specific programs for editing, however, simply going through your paper before you submit it will go a long way in ensuring that your work is well-written and error-free.

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