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I have an essay on college research paper idea subject: Many people prefer to rent a house rather than buying one. Describe the advantages and disadvantages for renting. Nowadays many people prefer renting a house to buying one, because they think it is cheap and essays property rental don't have to spend several years, saving money to buy a house. I am sure that most people can afford to rent a house and after they move in the house thay needn't worry about furnishing, painting and repairing the free full dissertations, because it has already been done by the owners. However, most people don't realise that renting a house can cost as much as buying a new one. Moreover if there is a damage such as a cracked wall or flood they will be responsible for fixing the problem. If you add the loan and all kinds of expenses for one year you will get the total amount of money you spent on living in a rented house and you can see whether it is worth it or not.

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Conclusion rubric essay


Well developed introductory paragraph contains detailed background information, a clear explanation or definition of the problem, and a thesis statement. Introductory paragraph contains some background information and states the problem, but does not explain using details. States the thesis of the paper. Introduction states the thesis but does not adequately explain the background of the problem. The problem is stated, but lacks detail.

Background details are a seemingly random collection of information, unclear, or not related to the topic. Conclusion summarizes the main topics without repeating previous sentences; writer's opinions and suggestions for change are logical and well thought out. Conclusion summarizes main topics.

Some suggestions for change are evident. Conclusion summarizes main topics, but is repetitive. Conclusion does not adequately summarize the main points. No suggestions for change or opinions are included. Three or more main points are well developed with supporting details. Refutation paragraph acknowledges the opposing view, and summarizes their main points.

Three or more main points are present but may lack detail and development in one or two. Refutation paragraph acknowledges the opposing view, but doesn't summarize points. Three or more main points, but all lack development. Less than three main points, with poor development of ideas. Refutation missing or vague. The writer treats the subject seriously using formal language. All sentences are complete, accurate, and clear; the writer controls the point of view appropriately.

The writer uses some informal language and slang. A - Attributes Explores and illuminates the assignment as thoroughly as possible. Writer shows clear command of the assignment, thesis, texts, and arguments. Writer engages the thesis throughout the essay and provides more than adequate support for the argument at hand. Writer engages thoughtfully and sophisticatedly with secondary material used.

Introduction comes quickly and elegantly to the point, establishing the necessary context for the thesis. Writer assumes that the reader understands the material well, and treats the reader with the utmost respect. Writer illuminates both the reader and the readings, making the reading both enjoyable and revelatory. The essay is written in comfortable, clear, and precise diction. Toward Revision Minor stylistic revision, at most, necessary.

Writer has chosen interesting and appropriate passages or ideas to support the thesis. The thesis is referred to occasionally in the body of the essay. Introduction does not wander, and the conclusion does more than restate the thesis and main arguments. The writer engages with secondary material at a basic level. The writer is engaged with the assignment and the material.

The writer assumes the reader knows the material. The writer has edited the essay well. Toward Revision Essay requires moderate global revision, often a more specific thesis and arguments. Revise to connect the arguments with better insights, more thoughtful analysis, and meaningful transitions. C - Attributes Broad thesis barely manages to corral an assignment of this length.

Support sometimes escapes the boundaries created by the thesis. Writer sometimes mistakes summary or paraphrasing of the material for analysis or insight. The introduction does not provide full support for the thesis. Inadequate preparation, mechanics, and style sometimes force the reader to review portions of the essay. Writer has treated the essay as just another deadline. The writer -- relying on summary, paraphrasing, and other less engaging forms of argumentative support -- has treated the reader with fairly low regard.

The writer may have edited the paper, but has overlooked problems.

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The paper is unified with a relevant introduction and conclusion, clear connections between the thesis statement and topic sentences, focused body paragraphs, effective topic sentences, a logical progression of ideas, and smooth transitions. The paper is organized logically, but there could be clearer connections between topic sentences and the thesis statement, better-focused body paragraphs, more effective topic sentences, a more logical progression of ideas, or better transitions.

The paper does not show an understanding of essay structure. The paper may lack topic sentences, connections between the thesis statement and body paragraphs, focused body paragraphs, a logical progression of ideas, or effective transitions.

Support and Development of Ideas. Ideas are developed with abundant evidence and clear explanation and interpretation tailored to the audience. Each body paragraph is at least half of a page long. Ideas are developed with evidence and explanation tailored to the audience, but some ideas may lack support.

Most body paragraphs are at least half of a page long each. Ideas lack sufficient evidence and explanation, or the ideas are not appropriate for the audience. Body paragraphs may be shorter than half of a page each. Insight into the Subject. The ideas are consistently original and insightful and demonstrate a sophistication and complexity of thought. The ideas are generally clear and logical, perhaps relying heavily on commonly accepted concepts.

The ideas are not consistently clear or logical, lack insight, or rely entirely on commonly accepted concepts. The paper expresses ideas clearly, with a confident and sophisticated writing style, quotations smoothly integrated, varied sentences, effective word choice, and logical transitions. The paper expresses ideas clearly but with mostly undistinguished word choice and sentence structure and may include weaknesses such as informal diction and overuse of short sentences.

Grammar Punctuation Mechanics. The paper is free or almost free from grammar and punctuation errors. The format of the paper is correct. The paper has grammar and punctuation errors, but most errors are minor. Most of the formatting is correct.