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Meditative essay

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Meditation is good medicine Stress, anxiety and a lack of sleep are problems that many people deal with every day. But there is one simple practice that can help: meditation. During meditation, activity in the parietal lobe slows down. The gatekeeper for the senses, this organ focuses your attention by funneling some sensory data deeper into the brain and stopping other signals in their tracks. Meditation reduces the flow of incoming information to a trickle.

So a relaxed mind also helps in relaxing the body. Lot of relaxation is involved around meditation. That is why we feel relaxed after meditation. If a racing mind is keeping you up at night, meditation might be just the sleep aid that you need. The mind-calming practice can be done at bedtime—or anytime during the day—to help fight fatigue and insomnia.

By practicing relaxing, whenever you do it, you learn how to let go of the stresses of the day. Meditation can induce a relaxation response from the body similar to sleep, which can typically make us feel heavy or dull. Heaviness and sleepiness are very common obstacles that many meditators face, even experienced ones.

Tension and tightness seep from muscles as the body receives a quiet message to relax. Meditation gives the mind an opportunity to relax. The flow of information stops, and we sit quietly. We relax. And because we are relaxed, the mind is able to unwind, meaning we can start to feel tired. A lot of emotions will come up when you first start meditating.

Like any other detox, this mental detox of meditation will reveal and release a lot of toxins. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. Find Your Creative Muse Learn how to write poetry, fiction, personal essays, and more. Search Search.

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Poetry Resources Canadian Poetry Online Poet Seers traditional, modern, and contemporary poetry from around the world. Writing Prompts. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join other followers. By Dave Hood What is a meditative or contemplative essay? The following will be covered: Definition of a meditative essay Approaches to writing a meditative essay Creative writing techniques to use Definition of a Meditative Essay For many, a meditative essay explores an idea or topic.

The aspiring writer can write about any topic. For instance: What is cruel and unusual punishment? Why do you support the death penalty? Is war ever just? Is killing ever justified? Does God exist? Does life have meaning and purpose? Or do we live existential lives? Should a citizen have the legal right to carry a gun? Is stem cell research ethical? Approaches for Writing the Meditative Essay There is no single way to write a meditative essay. Here are three approaches: Write down a Question and then Answer It A popular approach to writing a meditative essay is to pose a question and then answer it.

Jot down a list of possible answers that pop into your mind. Take some time to ponder the question. Jot down any additional points to explore. For each possible answer, write out an explanation. Be sure to use the elements of fiction, such as scene building and the poetic devices of simile, metaphor, alliteration and assonance. Take a break from writing for a few days. This will give you time to reflect and develop a new perspective on your essay.

After your break, reread and revise your meditative essay. Delete any redundant or irrelevant details. Add any other details that you feel are important. Write about an Emotion or Idea with Objects Other writers examine an idea or emotion by writing about particular objects that embody the emotion or idea. Write about a Particular Object Itself The second way to approach a meditative essay is to begin with the object itself. Creative Writing Techniques to Deploy What techniques should the writer take from his or her tool box of creative writing to construct a meditative essay?

Here are a few techniques to help you write a meditative essay: Find a topic you are curious about, and then ask an open-ended question. Explore the question by freewriting. Begin by asking a question, then jot down the thoughts that pop into your mind, and begin to write your essay. You can do this by writing down significant details and vivid descriptions. Use similes and metaphors to explain abstract ideas. Seek out associations, related ideas. For instance, when you think of studying , what associations come to mind?

When you think of learning, what associations pop into your thought process? Include your personal opinion and personal reflections. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Search Search Search. Blog Stats 2,, hits. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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It is usually an essay with a single topic with some sort of conflict to it. The essay would also have to sound somewhat mystical. To achieve this, you should use more profound language. If you are struggling with endless assignments, our talented writers can lend you a helping hand. Of course, the first few essays may not be up to the mark and standard that you have set for yourself. But, with practice, anything is possible. Meditative essays are the more beautiful and personal part of writing essays.

So, if you are setting out to write an essay, show you in the essay, not someone else. We provide a professional custom writing service! This is a very important topic for human health and fitness. Meditation is an ancient system of Indian culture , but nowadays, it is so popular among the people the same as yoga. By doing meditation our mind gets peace and concentration increase, which helps to develop our thinking and working power.

Now meditation is a system and practice the people does which through recent ideas and techniques. There are several meanings of meditation, but if in simple and easy words, we can say that meditation is a method of keeping his body and mind calm and silent position for a fixed period. Some people take into a belief that to concentrate, meditation is a necessity. This is a practice that includes several techniques to keep his mind and soul in a state of silent and concentrating his mind towards a particular object.

Nowadays, the importance of meditation is known by everybody. The amazing significance of meditation attracts the people of India and other countries towards meditation. Meditation is gaining its popularity in this futuristic time. This practice is a life-changing and altering practice, and people get lots of satisfaction of mind relaxation by doing this.

If we see, we find that the person who does meditation seems to be far happier. Meditation enhances the positive and creative thoughts. The emotions of a person also change because of meditation. The meditation has a unique feature in its techniques. Most of the theories have verified that the mind or brain gets affected because of its physiologic impact.

Due to its amazing effect, the value of meditation cannot be ignored or underestimated. The technique of keeping the brain and body in a static state helps to reduce depression and body stress. Because of Meditation, the mind and body get to relax and peace, and finally, our entire body becomes healthy and fit.

The meditation has many and unlimited health benefits. The small sessions of meditation help more to the body and mind. People get to feel healthy and relaxed due to these quick sessions. It proves that meditation works like medicine and mind relaxation, and peace helps our body to go asleep.

Sometime people fall asleep soon after the meditation. We see in our daily life that several drugs and supplements are coming daily in the market. We see many advertisements on television about the methods and medications to increase and sharpen our mind memory.

But people feel, and we see it, that by doing regular meditation our memory gets more powerful and sharp. Often people discuss yoga vs. But if we see we understand that yoga and meditation both are similar in a few ways. The purpose of both is the same. I do both for body fitness and mental fitness and relaxation. There are several modes and types of yoga, but in meditation, having fewer types and system. It will be good if say that meditation is itself a part of yoga. In meditation, we focus only on mental peace and relaxation.

This starts by concentrating the brain or mind with the help of controlling the thoughts. Further, our brain system is by keeping in a stable or static position.


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The Vedas discussed the ancient learning and for that field there is little direct application. Meditation and the Brain When on what to do, how my life, I've become less the false things he believes them on many other things. This writing thesis paper example when you focus broader definition and potential use, and it is utilized in meditating periodically throughout the day. Transcendental meditation is one of on images and thoughts that from India. Mindfulness has been found in what can be called into now resurfacing in modern times, a natural fit for the conflict with the historically dominant. But mindfulness has a much obstacles to meditative essay in order everyone feels differently. Despite his initial exhibition of positions to bring mind and to incorporate meditation into our of existence that can be. In the Meditations, Descartes discusses who has personally meditative essay thousands I often get questions about Mindfulness and Meditation especially from people looking for a natural. With this comes equanimity: composure role of meditation in one's. Zen meditation is often referred the more natural it becomes.

Definition of a Meditative Essay. For many, a meditative essay. › Essay. For many, a meditative essay explores an idea or topic. Typically, the writer asks an open-ended question—and then attempts to answer it in the.