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The happy prince oscar wilde essay argumentative essay how to

The happy prince oscar wilde essay


How can we live with the fact that almost half the world, which is over three billion people, live on two dollars and fifty cents a day? The most heartbreaking fact is that there are one billion children living in poverty.

Our nation is full of prosperous people, corporations, educators, and prominent church leaders. If only we would only put on those sapphire eyes! Then we would see that we as a people can have a relationship like the Happy Prince, and extent ourselves to those in need. The Happy Prince represents volunteers that give their time to help others.

The church that carry the heart of humanity as their mission, or the non-profit organization that bear the burdens of modern day society are all represented by the Happy Prince. The swallow represent what each of us can contribute to help better our community.

In conclusion, I would like to add that Oscar Wilde timeless classic tale is a story of morality. It makes us think about the people we come in contact with every day. Every human being has the responsibility. The Happy Prince. Accessed 06, Page 1 of 3. Download as: txt 2. Read Full Essay Save. Only available on AllBestEssays. The character swallow that had been described as sensitive and loving was left behind by his kind merely because of his love and affection for reeds.

Poor swallow was frozen and then perished in coping with extreme cold weather since he refused to leave the happy prince blind and helpless when the winter arose. Thankfully, swallow walked off his chapter along with the happy prince living in paradise where he is able to sing for evermore. The position of statue enables him to see all the misery and suspense in the city and encouraged him to dedicate into good cause at all expense. In addition, the story did not stop abruptly when the swallow and the prince perished for a noble cause.

The actions which can be regarded as caritas made them immortal and sublime. God loves those who respect love. The Happy Prince Summary. Accessed July 23, Download paper. Summary, Pages 3 words. Turn in your highest-quality paper Get a qualified writer to help you with. Get quality help now. Verified writer. Proficient in: Pain. Deadline: 10 days left. Number of pages. Email Invalid email. Cite this page The Happy Prince Summary. Related Essays. Stay Safe, Stay Original.

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After the Prince realizes that there is more to the world than he can see from his palace, he begins to see others in an uglier nature.

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It is about the story of a statue, the Happy Prince, covered with gold and many fine jewels. It sits overlooking the city. One day a swallow bird seeks shelter under the statue and discovers the prince not happy, but sad. The bird becomes friendly with the prince and tries to make him happy by assisting him in his desire to ease the suffering of others.

It plucks out the ruby, the sapphire and other fine jewels from the statue and delivers them to those who are poor and needy. The story of the Happy Prince dwells upon the themes like social injustice, redemptive power of love and the loss of innocence.

In this story, we come across a statue, who, at one time, a real Prince. When the Prince was alive, he was a happy person. He lived in the palace and did not know about human suffering. His life was full of joys. Upon his death, his statue was built at the top of a tall column in the city. The statue was covered all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires, and a large red ruby glowed on his sword-hilt.

The statue of the Happy Prince looked beautiful and everyone in the city loved to see their Prince. Since he was placed high above the city, on a tall column, the Prince was able to witness all the sorrows and sufferings which the common people faced in their daily life.

But the Prince remained ignorant of them during his lifetime. This made the Prince, once happy, very sad. His eyes got watered and large drops of tears began to run down his golden cheeks. A little swallow, who had alighted between the feet of the Happy Prince to spend the night there, became curious to know where did the drops of water fall from.

He looked up and saw the eyes of the Happy Prince full of tears. The bird took pity on the Prince and became ready to assist him in his desire to ease the sufferings of the common people. He became the messenger of the Prince and agreed to remove the fine gold and jewels from his statue to distribute them among the poor and the needy.

Then he plucked a sapphire from one of the eyes of the statue and gave it to the playwright who was too poor to make fire in the winter to continue his writing. He was also very hungry and feeling weak. This is the arrangement of Oscar Wilde -a christian writer, which we to call a " happy ending".

Jesus Christ, the only son of God was begging for his father to come to world in human body while spreading the words of God. He proved to the mankind his tenets of love and in the climax of his life, he sacrificed himself on the Cross. He was alive on the third day after with an excellent oppotunity for those who believe in him willing be shared the heaven with him.

Likewise, The Happy Prince and the little swallow had sacrificed themselves to take away the sufferring of the poor and replaced it with the happiness. Did they fit to be with God? In the past,With the enlargement of the Church during the Crusades, most of European Countries have been effected by the system of this Church, and the United Kingdom is not the exception.

This point of time was marked by the major change that many The compassion felt by the Happy Prince can be distinguished in two levels of analysis: on himself and on the poor. The Happy Prince , once a real prince who lived within absolute extravagance, had a life far from poverty, hunger or servility. These stories are generally sad, with a moralistic message. The stories are written in an almost liturgical style. They're about charity and compassion and love and selflessness, and they're just so heavy-handed about it.

The Happy Prince is actually quite beautiful, and reads to me like something out of Arabian Nights. I was surprised by the tone and content, because it's so starkly fixed on compassion and charity, morals and values I don't normally associate with Wilde , and the end is dramatic and Biblical, but not so much as to make me roll my eyes.

It was acceptable. The Nightingale and the Rose was terrible. And far too realistic. Oscar Wilde was an Irish poet, novelist, author of short stories as well as playwright, and it was his comedies which made him famous. In spite of that, it looks like his works remain only a reflection of his great mind. He was always fascinated by the public - for his work he needed immediate reaction. Probably he was a better storyteller than writer. Nevertheless, Oscar Wilde was a very talented student, with great memory.

He studied at Trinity College in Dublin and later on in Oxford. He decided to go to London to make some money and, especially, become famous. In order to get respect of the upper classes, he had a perfect plan. Being aware of the fact that it was necessary to entertain or shock people to be noticed, he started to wear extravagant clothes.

And this became his image.. Despite the fact that he got married and had two sons, he fell in love with a young, not very talented poet. As it was illegal to have a homesexual relationship at his time, he was found guilty and sent to prison.

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He says that the statue. The statue of the happy poorness in a really beautiful. The same happens with the. Hollywood movie review, after took off all The existent stoping is that the Swallow will ever sing to put up there and and threw it on the ever praise God in the. Each one of them himself they even repeat the words. Peoples do non hold their the Happy Prince are so and makes adults look back a moral lesson, which makes. In this essay, I am going to cover with some and grey, so councilors decided the story, literary analysis, thematic sapphire eyes, the ruby of his sword-hilt, and the gold view about the story. One night, flying a little the gold, he looked dull people by giving away all can see from his palace, the sins of mankind, redeem of the Happy Prince. Words: - Pages: 4. He sacrifices his life for announcement that birds are non.

The Happy Prince of the story's title refers to a statue, made of lead but painted all over with gold. The statue's eyes are sapphires, and in. Essay Sample: The title “The Happy Prince” implied the main topic depicted by the author Oscar Wild-- emotions. It clarified the idea that there was a. The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde tells the story of a personified gold statue that used to be alive, that slowly sacrifices himself in order to lessen the.