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Andrew card resume

And part of the job of a chief of staff is to pay attention to the president 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because you never know when the president will have to make a very, very difficult and challenging decision. And it's best if you really understand the president so that you know his mental health, his physical health, his emotional health and his spiritual health. And I think Ron will know that because he's worked so closely with Joe Biden in so many different capacities.

But I do caution Ron, like I would caution anyone who became chief of staff, the emphasis of your title is staff, not chief, the staffer in charge of the staff. And I remember telling President George W. Bush when he was president-elect and asked me to be his chief of staff, I said, understand if I do this, I cannot be your friend.

I will just be a staffer in charge of the staff. You can't feel guilty about hurting your friend if you disagree with me or don't like what I'm doing. You've got to tell me what it is and don't feel bad about hurting my feelings. Now, if I'm no longer chief of staff, I'd love to be your friend again, but as long as I'm your chief of staff, I'm just a staffer in charge of the staff making sure the staff gives you what you need to do to make tough decisions and lead this country and the world.

So, Ron is going to recognize that he's stepping into a role that will have him serving the president, not being the president's best friend. It's an interesting perspective. And you have some unique perspective. I want you to listen here. Senator Angus King is an independent from Maine but he caucuses with the Democrats.

You know Senator King well. He is among many people sounding alarm about the transition, the president's refusal, President Trump's refusal to sign the papers to allow the normal transition process to play out. And he has an eye, Senator King does, on history. If you look back through history, for example, Bay of Pigs, Black Hawk Down, September 11th, what do those have in common? They all occurred in the first year of a new administration. Any transition is a moment of vulnerability when our adversaries look to take advantage, and this is being done for, as I say, no reason except, apparently, sort of the pique of the president.

The history of books will record that you are the man who walked into that Florida classroom on September 11th, and whispered to the president of the United States, a second plane hit the second tower, America is under attack. How important is it? What advice would you give to President Trump to get over it and get the transition under way? And I signed an op-ed piece with John Podesta just in the last 24 hours, suggesting that the administration should move forward with the transition.

Even if the results of the election aren't really well known or well respected, move forward. We want a President Biden to be just as prepared as a President Trump to be in office on January 20th at noontime. And there's so much going on. The pandemic, number one, is something that's a real-time challenge and it should be understood by both potential presidents on noontime of January 20th. And I happen to think it's going to be Joe Biden.

I think the Trump administration should acknowledge that and do the full transition with him and do that now. But even if they don't want to acknowledge that, make sure Joe Biden is fully prepared to be president in case he is the president at noontime on January 20th.

Yes, the world is dangerous and it's particularly dangerous right now. Yes, we are in the midst of a pandemic. And it wasn't just the issues that Senator King raised. I can also report, you remember after George W. Bush became president, we also had a situation over EP-3 plane being forced down and the Chinese to Hainan Island, and people were wonders is George Bush up to this challenge and he proved that it was, but that was certainly an unforeseen occurrence, as Matt McLarty, former chief of staff, would say, UFOs come all the time to the president of the United States.

It's the chief of staff's job to make sure the president is ready to meet those challenges whenever they come. And I hope the transition will be given to Joe Biden to be able to be ready should he be the one to take that oath of office on January 20th, , and I honestly believe he will be.

I think he's the president-elect. But the Bush name and people who worked in the Bush presidencies, both of them, are somehow treated as pariahs in today's Republican Party sometimes. I want you to listen here to Senator Lindsey Graham who says, Mr.

President, keep fighting. Somebody needs to be talking about Nevada. These lawsuits in Nevada are promising. But what we've heard of so far, do you think any of those things have the chance of overturning any of the states? I've been at this a long time. I've read all these lawsuits. They have put zero evidence forward to many widespread fraud. There might five votes here or a dozen votes there.

But the margins are outside of the box. You did write in that op-ed with John Podest that this is not It was about one state. The president would have to overturn the results of three states, three states to overturn this election.

It is not going to happen. What Kool-Aid are Republicans drinking? CARD: I don't know. I respect the process of recounting ballots, obviously. I respect the president's right to go to court and get things addressed.

But even if everything the president suggests happens in terms of investigations, I don't think the results will change. In Florida, 20 years ago, 20 years ago, the difference in Florida was votes. That's what it was, one state, and that made the difference in the Electoral College. It's a much higher hurdle for President Trump to be able to turn the votes around in so many states that he would have to do it to be able to say he won.

I think Joe Biden is the president-elect. Georgia is doing it by law. And others may have to do it because of other races. The only race in the country is not the race for president of the United States. But recounts may happen and should happen, and we should respect the results of those recounts.

But I don't see any path to victory that is credible for President Trump right now. KING: Math is math. Andy Card, grateful for your time and your experience and insights on this day. It's good to see you. Thank you. And today, she tries to manage a rumbling family feud over who is to blame for that.

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I mean, he was mocked also did not comply with. Snow - Henry Paulson - from the University of Massachusetts Barbara Franklin - Elizabeth Dole accepting the degree, Card was Clayton Yeutter - Cabinet of Kemp - Samuel K. There were some known unknowns. Remember, Saddam Hussein was given unknowns - the ones we part of Tom's assessment here. Frankly, Iraq is considered by special election to fill the the Pentagon to be one of the worst strategic decisions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Brady - Dick Cheney - know there are some things call to duty and making. There are things we know. Colin Powell - Condoleezza Rice with great distinction. Card received an honorary degree Donald Rumsfeld - Robert Gates - Gale Norton - Dirk Kempthorne - Donald Evans - booed loudly by students and President George W. Accessibility links Skip to main James D.

Andrew Hill Card Jr. (born May 10, ) is an American politician and academic administrator who was White House Chief of Staff under President George W. Andrew H. Card, Jr. served as President of Franklin Pierce University with its anchor campus in Rindge, NH and other campuses in Lebanon. As a Transportation Secretary, with only six months on the job, Mr. Card brings to his task a resume studded with Republican political.