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Adding conferences attended to resume

If you really want to underline a particular conference experience, you might also mention it in more detail in your cover letter. Listing conference presentations can add depth to your resume, but include that information carefully.

If you're applying for a job in which you'll be expected to speak publicly on behalf of the company, adding information about conference presentations can be a good thing. It can also help to establish you as a known expert on a particular facet of business or academic research. On the other hand, hiring managers will also be on the lookout for so-called "resume padding," a tactic recent graduates or those with little experience in a field sometimes use in an attempt to show they have more experience than they really do.

The conferences you add should be ones that took place outside of your workplace or institution, and not ones that you did within your own graduate program. Likewise, don't add guest lectures you did as part of your academic course of study or in your capacity as a teaching assistant. Don't add conferences you've attended but haven't presented at. That will be construed as padding. Since there's no right way to format a resume, it's up to you where to place this section in terms of order -- and since your resume should be tailored to each individual job for which you apply, it can depend on the job.

If public speaking is paramount to one position, you might put the section directly under your work experience section. If public service is more important, on the other hand, the conference section might go under the ''Volunteer'' section. Then, include your additional presentations beneath the first, especially if they emphasize your proficiency and industry knowledge.

Then, include the presentation title in italics. If the presentation has a long title, try to use a shorter version of it to briefly convey what your presentation is about. Underneath your presentation title, list the name and date of the conference or event where you gave your presentation. Include the month and the year. Additionally, list your presentations based on what is most relevant to the job rather than in reverse-chronological order like your employment history.

Under the presentation title, provide some brief examples or details about the presentation topic. For instance, include the most pertinent aspects that you addressed in your presentation. For multiple presentations include the main topic that you addressed. Finally, if you have any publications such as academic articles, research journals or other publications directly related to your presentations, include them in this section of your resume.

This further emphasizes your commitment to your career. Consider these additional tips when you write a resume with presentations:. Several formatting approaches are effective for including presentations on a resume, and you can tailor the following templates to suit your unique circumstance:.

Use the following examples to guide you when writing a resume with presentations:. Presentations and publications:. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. When should you include presentations on your resume? Relating your public speaking events to roles where regular meetings, conferences and presentations occur as part of the job requirements Listing presentations where you volunteered as part of a project or event to educate an audience about a specific topic related to the job description Highlighting presentations that position you as an industry leader or expert in your career field Connecting your past speaking events and presentations to the organization's mission or goals Presenting at special events as a guest speaker to share research, data or other innovative projects related to new developments in your career field.

How to include presentations on your resume. Create a section for presentations. Place the most relevant presentation first. Include the presentation title in italics. List the name and date of the conference. Provide examples of the presentation topic.

List related publications with presentations. Create a resume section for presentations. Tips for including presentations on a resume. List your presentations only if they are relevant to the job you are applying for. Leave out conferences or events that you attended if you did not speak at them.

Include any accolades or awards you received for your presentations to highlight your recognition.

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In last month's columnwe explored the craggy, often arbitrarily boldface landscape of the scientific resume.

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Furthering your development by attending conferences, submitting proposals, presenting papers, or creating posters has an invaluable effect on. Yes, you should. It would enhance your reputation and ensure that you look like a person who is involved in activities outside your curriculum/work. Good Luck! › gradpsych › /01 › matters.