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Practical technologist in radiology resume

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A hard worker and a good problem solver. See the problem? The first of our radiologic technologist resume samples is flawless. It follows the steps to paint a mini-picture of a strong job candidate. But that second one is hopeless. It sounds good—if you can believe its claims. But they can cite school accomplishments or transferable skills from retail jobs or waiting tables.

Same format, different strategy. Certified radiologic technologist, skilled in diagnostic imaging, fluoroscopy, and anatomy. Entry-level radiologic technologist with no official work experience yet. The point? But in the first example, she showed she knows her way around a hospital. She can work with nurses. But boy, does she look better than other entry-level candidates. Pro Tip: Would you like to use bullet points in your resume summary or objective to show achievements?

Write a summary of qualifications to get attention. Are you worried about your lack of experience? Do radiologic technologist resumes need a cover letter? If you nix the cover letter, almost half of hospital HR directors will drop your application. Can you afford to cut your hiring chance that much? Pro Tip: Are you trying to get a rad tech internship?

Focus on classes and school achievements. Want your radiologic technologist resume and cover letter to get interviews? Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:. See more cover letter templates and start writing. Find out how to write a cover letter title that will never leave you lost in the application pile.

Get everything up and running smoother than a Tesla by learning the perfect resume order. Sick of recruiters turning a blind eye to your resume? Learn how to write an eye-catching resume that will get noticed. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy Got it! Need a different kind of medical resume? Determined best anatomical positions to ensure quality diagnostic images.

Trained 4 radiology students based on advanced anatomy knowledge and leadership skills. Educated 88 patients on upcoming procedures, answering questions. Radiologic Technologist Boston City Hospital May to Sept Effectively performed diagnostic examinations for chronic patients. Created all diagnostic images using state-of-the-art scanning machines. Executed 50 successful fluoroscope readings before doctor's treatment. Injected contrast dye via catheter into 87 patients with heart disease.

Assisted nurses with providing patient care during visits. Collaborated with nurses and doctors to create approved visit schedules. Interacted with senior citizen patients in performances at nursing homes. Mentor 5 junior radiologic technologists. Volunteer Carpenter, Habitat for Humanity Helped build houses for 5 low-income families. Collected donated goods from ten furniture stores.

Educated 88 patients on procedures and answered questions. Determined optimal anatomical positions for quality imaging. Maintained and used advanced knowledge of human anatomy. Performed patient education and answered relevant questions. Provided fun entertainment for birthday parties and special events. Maintained own books and financial records. Create my resume now. Volunteer Lecturer, Long Island Library. Wrong Bowling Volunteer work. Wrong Radiologic technologist highly skilled in diagnostic imaging and taking scans for treatment of patients.

Wrong Entry-level radiologic technologist with no official work experience yet. Rate my article: radiologic technologist resume example. Average: 5 5 votes. Thank you for voting. Since , he has been sharing advice on all things recruitment from writing winning resumes and cover letters to getting a promotion.

Don't miss out on exclusive stories that will supercharge your career! Get a weekly dose of inspiration delivered to your inbox. My work-ethic is first-rate; meticulous, detail-oriented and helps patients prepare for procedures. Radiologic Technologist; to Present St. It may seem that a Radiologic Technologist skills list is clear-cut.

The job is mechanical. You work with radiology equipment. Processes are followed strictly. That is not entirely true. Not all Radiologic Technologists are the same. You should have specific attributes. Your job is very important. If you are not meticulous, the images could give doctors a poor basis for diagnosis. Patients will ask you questions. Many of them are concerned. It is your job to put them at ease. Keep your Radiologic Technologist resume objective short and concise. Hospitals already know what they want.

First, you should review the job post. List down the requirements of the job. The number one skill should be seen right away. The next key skill is an experience. Lastly, tell the recruiter why you should be hired. This is where your core attributes should come in. Choose at least 3 soft skills that best describe your approach to the job.

Hospitals want people with experience. Use the chronological as your Radiologic Technologist resume format. This format will highlight your current skill levels. It will show what you have done so far. Start out with your current employment. If you are not employed, refer to your last job. List down at least 5 responsibilities. It would be better to go higher as this job can be quite busy.

Make sure the basic skills are included. Position work experience as the middle section. Take a look at how we arranged our sample resume template for Radiologic Technologist:. This type of arrangement allows the other sections to support the information detailed in work experience. If you have an entry-level Radiologic Technologist resume, you will have to focus on your skills.

Use the functional format which will rearrange our sample template this way:. Put some thought behind it. This is a common mistake. Most people think it is just a piece of paper. Remember it is your first point of contact with the recruiter. Read our Radiologic Technologist resume writing tips:. Review your resume carefully. The recruiter will take it against you if there are errors in spelling and grammar.

It will show you are not detail-oriented. Finally, keep it updated. Last Updated on June 22, by Felix Tarcomnicu. I founded ResumeOK in , with the goal of helping people increase their chances to get a better job. I am a career and online marketing expert that has reviewed and written thousands of resumes.

Read more about us here. Your email address will not be published. Radiologic Technologist Resume Sample Does your Radiologic Technologist resume present a clear image of what you can do? Build Your Free Resume. Watkins Address: W. Identifies and reports possible risk factors to a physician or Head Radiologist in a timely manner. Conducts frequent inspections of imaging and radiology equipment to ensure proper functioning.

Operates and maintains all radiographic equipment. Reviews patient history. Performs basic X-ray, operating room, and fluro procedures. Radiologic Technologist, to Mercury General Hospital; Anaheim, CA Duties and Responsibilities Tasked to conduct highly-specialized and routine diagnostic radiology procedures. Prepared and positioned patients accordingly for diagnostic imaging procedures.

Adjusted immobilization procedures to make sure a clear view of the specific body part is captured by the imaging and radiology equipment. Evaluated patients based on height, weight, a proportion of body part involved in order to determine the amount of exposure and level of penetration.

Prepared images for accurate diagnosis of Radiologist or Physician. Processed images and conducted reviews for proper identification. Performed regular inspections to make sure all radiology equipment is properly functioning. Implemented radiation protection and safety standards to minimize radiation exposure to staff and patients.

Operated different stationary and mobile radiology equipment.


Performs all other duties as required. Ability to balance the needs of patients and staff while still performing complex scans and procedures If prior military service, include all copies of your DD Forms Experience in computer applications relevant to DXA testing Demonstrated knowledge of radiographic procedures and standards Experience in performing routine maintenance and trouble-shooting of complex instrumentation and equipment Experience in accurately and reliably interpreting data Experience in the operation of DXA equipment Evidence of being CPR certified.

Radiology technologist experience as would typically be obtained in approximately one year of increasingly complex procedures is required Previous experience in surgical environment preferred Knowledge of infection control practices and OR traffic patterns required Must have an effective working knowledge of applicable standards and regulations Must have the ability to communicate well with other healthcare professionals as well as with lay persons The ability to operate and trouble-shoot x-ray and fluoroscopy equipment required Computer skills are required.

Provides educational information to the patient regarding their examination Annual peer review of films meets department standards Accountable for quality of digital images sent to PACS. Verify correct patient is selected from worklist, ensures accuracy of Medical Record information prior to being sent to PACS.

Assures necessary blocks are in place for said PMs. Responsible for maintaining updated exam protocol manual and communicating any changes in said manual to modality specific staff. Safety, sterile technique, protocols and management of equipment Accountable for Quality Assurance of images and documentation in log books Assists with being State and JCAHO compliant.

Operates multiple imaging systems with efficiency Applies appropriate measures in order to minimize radiation exposure to self, patients, employees and others. Knowledgeable regarding patient condition, history and appropriate background and information pertinent to proposed examination. Failure to obtain registry within the designated time-frame will result in termination of the Rad Tech- CT position Must maintain the required hours of continued education.

Healthcare Provider certification required. Administers contrast media effectively and safely per established procedures Supports a teamwork environment, demonstrates professional behavior, and provides excellent internal and external customer service Knowledge of accreditation regulations NOTE: The above is not intended to describe the general content of and requirements of this position and are not intended to be an exhaustive statement of duties.

Work in a sterile work environment, set up sterile equipment and trays, scrub back table, assist physicians with a variety of sterile procedures Receive patients, explain method of procedure s , position patients, select and set technical factors, set up and adjust accessory equipment, and make and develop exposures Prepare and administer contrast material orally, by enema, or intravenously under close supervision of radiologist s , but not independently as required.

Perform radiography of the entire body Performs such procedures as cholangiography, lumbar and thoracic myelography, gastrointestinal studies, intravenous pyelograms, arteriography, operative cholangiography, and arthrography Perform related clerical duties such as sending images to the Picture Archiving and Communication System PACS , archiving images, post processing images, and case editing of computer request and reports Maintain records and enter patient information using the Radiology Vista Package, and the Computerized Patient Record System CPRS.

Temporary Initial Medical Imaging License from the State of Oregon Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR certificate Knowledge of various types of X-ray machine operations Working knowledge of Radiology Department functions and their interactions with other departments and physicians offices Ability to work alone in evenings and on weekends.

Prepares patient for exam. To relieve patient of pre-testing anxiety, translates examination into layman terms based on professional knowledge. Ensures consent form for procedure is obtained if necessary Performs various x-ray exams according to established standards, procedures and procedures of the division. Positions patient for taking of radiographs according to the departmental standard operating procedures. Arranges, attaches, or adjusts immobilization and supportive devices for patients.

Keys in Patient history data and other pertinent information obtained from requisition. Operates equipment for transferring computed images to film and archival of disc memory to tape. This may include registering patients, taking patients to treatment rooms, starting the medical evaluation process taking vitals etc. Performs all radiographic procedures and administration of contrast media with appropriate application of technical and positioning protocols, safety procedures, radiation protection, and proper image identifying criteria according to department policy and procedure Verifies physician orders for instructions from requesting physician and consults with the radiologists as necessary.

Explains procedure and provides education as appropriate Performs equipment warm up, calibration and safety check. Operates hospital computer system. Reports to supervisor any equipment malfunctions. Checks referral for appropriate study. Calls referring physician when in doubt or with questions as necessary Consults with Radiologist when necessary to determine appropriate x-ray procedure Handles delicate situations fetal demise, cancerous pathology, etc.

Reports all patient related concerns to the IR faculty Understands and able to explain procedural related indications and contra-indications as it relates to the care of the patient Demonstrates a high level of competency in vascular anatomy, cross-sectional anatomy, US imaging, and other related procedures Able to identify risks and adverse reactions related to patient care Conducts a patient assessment prior to all procedures. Verifies patient allergies prior to exams Participates in the diagnosis and treatment of invasive procedures Assists the Interventional Radiologist and nursing team during interventional procedures Angiography, CT guided biopsies, US guided biopsies, drainages Demonstrates ability to operate digital vascular equipment, Ultrasound equipment, and Computed Tomography, and iMRI equipment and identify all system components without direct supervision Knowledgeable of basic functions of RIS, Clinicstation, and forms anywhere systems.

Maintains equipment and room in proper working condition and trouble-shoots malfunctioning equipment Reports malfunctions and necessary repairs to proper personnel as soon as issue is recognized Respects and uses equipment appropriately. Utilizes the image management system; acquire, format, manipulate, archive and print images from the PACS system Accurately reports total number of images taken and number of and reason for repeat radiographs Utilizes EPIC system appropriately orders, scheduling documentation, and billing Instructs new staff and students in imaging procedures and techniques Evaluates and completes competency test-outs on students.

Provides on-going feedback to Student Coordinator about any issues Assists with education and training of medical staff Radiology Residents, Fellows, etc. Maintains equipment and room in proper working condition and trouble-shoots malfunctioning equipment. Follows preventive maintenance guidelines and ensures proper maintenance of all equipment. Wears dosimetry badge at all times Ensures patient protection by using lead shields, lead aprons, and gonadal shields No observed incidents of safety violations Properly label all films with correct patient data and date of exam and utilizes proper markers when performing the exam Ability to recognize signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction to contrast material and take the appropriate steps to treat the patient Requires minimal assistance Ability to assist with radiological procedures utilizing sterile technique with no observed delays in procedure due to a break in sterility.

Has knowledge of the required equipment needed for each procedure Accurately completes all required questionnaires and consents for exams when indicated. No more than incidents of incomplete consents, questionnaires, or Advanced Beneficiary Notices per quarter. Assists in management of human resources and non-labor expenses and activities for the department; maintains a quality assurance program according to regulations established by regulatory bodies Positions patients and selects anatomic and technical parameters accurately for independent diagnostic radiographic imaging per established protocols.

Prepares for and assists physician while performing procedures. Performs radiographic imaging accurately and completely by following departmental policies and protocols. Explains exam procedure to patient in a professional and concise manner. Performs portable studies when needed Complies with Universal Protocol and obtains appropriate and pertinent history information.

Navigates the image storage system to send, review, manipulate, and print images, and resolve exceptions when needed. Corrects, updates, and completes all exam documentation in the radiology information system to assure timely, accurate bill submission. Reconciles charges with completed exams per department policy Maintains adequate supplies for exam area and notifies supervisor when supplies need to be ordered.

Completes daily calibrations and warm-up procedures in order to ensure optimal image and quality and to ensure that the CT scanner is operating in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's specifications. Utilizes appropriate safety standards and performs quality control procedures when needed Delivers positive patient experience.

Cooperates with and maintains excellent working relationships with patients, AHN leadership and staff, physician offices and designated external agencies or vendors. Performs any written or verbal communication necessary to exchange information with designated contacts and promotes working relationships Has a daily focus on attaining productivity standards, recommending new approaches for enhancing performance and productivity when appropriate.

Position also requires frequent bending, stooping and kneeling to position patients. Position also requires manual dexterity in order to perform manipulative skills such as turning dials, pushing buttons, and filling syringes Orienting new staff Helping in training of students. Qualifications Minimum Qualifications. Oregon license required if assigned to an Oregon location Previous Radiologic Technologist experience in a hospital setting preferred Maintains ability to properly set up and execute sterile environment Radiology Technologists working in a SAMG outpatient clinical setting may be required to support staff by performing various clinical duties, as outlined in the SAMG Clinical Competency Manual, to ensure patients receive excellent care in a timely manner.

Upon completion of ARRT program, ARRT registry examination must be successfully completed and ARRT registered within 90 days Performs ordered procedures according to departmental protocols and procedures, ensuring that optimum exams are acquired in an efficient and timely manner Maintains required inventory of instruments and supplies used in performance of procedures. Documents and reports any over-exposure and advises management immediately Checks patient history and obtains signed waivers, if necessary Screens patients for contraindications to iodinated contrast injections, including ingestion of this material and barium sulfate Consults with radiologist when necessary to determine appropriate scanning or exam procedures Completes all paperwork and exam reports associated with technical procedures Responds to physician questions and needs regarding patient procedures Checks referral for appropriate study based on patient history Assures room is ready prior to the patient entering the room i.

Establishes IV access. Seeks additional nursing or physician assistance when necessary Transports patients to and from Cardiovascular Laboratory ascertaining that the patient is relocated without injury or incident Ascertains that the delivery of patient care and billing are compliant with the accrediting and regulatory agencies Releases patient information in accordance with policies and procedures and accrediting and regulatory agencies Answers telephones in a courteous and professional manner within three 3 rings Schedules patient examinations according to departmental procedures Maintains cardiovascular laboratory and work area in a clean and organized manner Completion of required education to obtain registry by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists ARRT Previous employment as a Cardiovascular Radiology Technologist preferred.

Monitor accessory equipment and assist attending physician with fluoroscopic examinations and special radiographic studies Consult with lead x-ray tech and radiologist to ensure compliance with established standards of quality Credentialed and Knowledgeable of local, state, federal and Joint Commission Regulations.

Current American Registry of Radiologic Technologists ARRT certification or ability to obtain ARRT certification, in all practice specialty areas, within one year of hire or transfer date required Currently licensed in the state of Nebraska required Experience in diagnostic radiology procedures preferred Ability to manage and interact with patients and families of all age groups preferred Ability to work at a fast pace preferred Experience with multi-dimensional medical imaging systems, patient transportation devices, and radiology information system and Picture Archiving Communication System PACS preferred.

Supervises, hires, trains, disciplines and evaluates the performance of staff. Ensures performance appraisals are completed in a timely manner Communicates policies and procedures to staff Coordinates daily operations Prioritizes, schedules, assigns and monitors work to optimize operational service Analyzes, recommends, implements and monitors approved work-flow changes Assists Department Head with planning, maintaining equipment and supplies, and personnel decisions Maintains radiologic services in accordance with federal, state, local, and regulatory agency requirements.

Basic proficiency in medical terminology Basic computer skills including Microsoft Word and e-mail Previous experience in a Radiology setting. Graduate of a JRCERT approved or accredited school of Radiology Technology Ambulatory healthcare experience preferred Experience with CR, DR, PACs, and equipment from a wide variety of manufactures is desirable The individual must possess the ability to perform a variety of technical procedures that require independent judgment, ingenuity and initiative to effectively and efficiently complete all imaging referrals.

Effectively places imaging equipment over the appropriate part of the patients body and programs the equipment to the appropriate setting for the bodily area being examined Prepares patients for various diagnostic procedures by explaining procedure, instructing patients to take off items like jewelry or belts that might disrupt the x-ray process and arrange the patient in a way where a part of their body can be most effectively x-rayed.

Maintains accurate film badge records by wearing their film badge daily at the collar, turning them in quarterly for testing and reading of badges Under the direction of a clinician, accurately records patients records and noting any abnormalities for a clinician to review. Evaluates completed radiographs regarding technique and positioning and makes corrections when appropriate to maintain set standards of quality control per policy and procedure Maintains department equipment and supplies.

Follows retention and description per guidelines. Maintains department aesthetics to ensure appropriate image. Maintains a clean environment in assigned work area Assists in the maintenance of equipment to ensure proper function and availability. Reports any x-ray equipment failures to designee Performs daily quality control procedures per departmental guidelines.

Performs quality control tests in a timely manner and documents results Associate's degree from an accredited Radiologic Technologist program ARRT R registration in current standing or registry eligible Successful completion of radiologic technologist certification exam within six 6 months of date of hire Less than 1 year experience required Training in all aspects of diagnostic radiology preferred Knowledge: Possesses skill and knowledge to operate fixed radiographic equipment.

Reviews clinical information on requisition for each patient, prepares and executes the requested examination according to the standard protocol procedures or the radiologist in charge Identifies each patient, reviews requisition and records pertinent data on requisition Cerner at all times. Pregnancy, LMC, difficulty and limited views, reasons for delays, etc A minimum of two years of leadership experience Preferred Commitment to quality and safety Commitment to a patient centric culture Enthusiasm for continuous improvement and a LEAN attitude Stewardship.

Current California Radiologic Technologist License Satisfactory completion of a formal Radiological Technology training program in an AMA approved school and meets the requirements for registry by the ARRT Ability to read, write, hear, and verbally communicate to the degree required to perform the job A. Washington State License for Radiologic Technologist Certificate from the American Registry of Radiological Technology ARRT Minimum one year experience in Diagnostic Radiology or two years at VMMC or other Bellevue Community College Radiologic Technologist program approved cite as a student tech 24 hours of continuing medical education every two years CPR license to be renewed every two years Thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology Willingness to grow with technological changes occurring in the field Ability to manage stressful situations appropriately Ability to attend to multiple tasks and work independently Ability to be versatile, flexible and be able to lift 50 pounds.

Evaluates all patients for contra indicators Assists radiologists as necessary Maintains accurate records, confirms correct patient information Observes five Rs for administering meds: right patient, right drug, right dose, right method, and right time Participates in PI plan. R CT within 6 months of employment or 6 months from registry eligibility If chosen to be cross trained from another modality, must be registered within 6 months from registry eligi Registry eligibility is based on the completion of required procedures before being able to sit for exam ARRT requirement.

Demonstrates general job knowledge of procedures and equipment necessary for job performance Demonstrates a collaborative and proactive approach in communication skills, problem solving skills and resolve conflicts as needed Maintains and promotes strong relations with other departments Maintains a safe, clean and economical operation Inspects equipment to ensure proper orientation, contacts service if necessary.

Always abides by all regulations that apply to state and national standards Always advises a supervisor of any items needed from materials management or vendor Reports for scheduled shift on time; prepared to assume duties Adheres to the department dress code at all times Two years experience as an Imaging Technologist in an acute care imaging setting is recommended with knowledge of Federal and State regulations.

Exceptional communication and patient care skills Aptitude toward the team philosophy Ability to work independently without direct supervision Sterile procedure. Every patient should receive patient education and your personalized business card.

Apology cards should be sent or given to all patients when we do not meet their expectations. You will be required to submit a list of these patients to your manager at evaluation time. Assists physicians and performs quality Radiographic procedures at a level of competence not requiring constant supervision of technical detail.

Work is stressful and heavy in nature. Moves Mobile X-ray equipment throughout hospital, lifts, turns and stoops while moving patients Maintains radiation protection standards for patients, employees and self during exposures as outlined in the State of Texas Regulations for Control of Radiation Establishes appropriate technical factors, positions patients properly, collimates to area of interest, utilizes proper film size and labels radiographs correctly Utilizes lead-blockers, aprons, gloves and cones during exposures as evidenced by films and noted by supervisor Administers appropriate diagnostic contrast media as directed, i.

One year experience in x-ray Technology, within last three years Good communication skills. ARRT Flouroscopy permit. Must possess a diploma from an JCERT approved school of Radiologic Technology RT Certification in Radiologic Technology, current state licensure required At least 5 of experience in a hospital or medically related environment Phlebotomy and specimen collection experience preferred Highly organized, friendly and team player. Graduate of an accredited or registered school of Radiology Technology Current registration with A.

American Registry of Radiology Technologist or registration eligible in at least one modality and proficient in a second modality Certified by the Texas Department of Health. Develops film by automatic processing and must also be proficient in utilizing the Picture Archival Communications Performs all general diagnostic and routine fluoroscopic duties as determined by employer Practices sterile techniques and prevents cross contamination; maintains orderliness and cleanliness; secures Provides protection in accordance with prescribed radiation safety standards Responsible for delegated areas of authority in the performance of routine, angiographic and computerized.

Directly supervises the technical work of subordinate x-ray technicians in the radiology department, in the x-ray room in the emergency department, and in the special procedures radiographic room in surgery. Responsible for daily preparation of radiologic rooms Provides in-service training for journeyman technicians; develops training programs to keep technicians up to date on changes and innovations in technical procedures. Performs a variety of technical procedures that will require independent judgment, with designate areas or procedures as required Produces radiographs, positions and transfers patients.

A Assists with Meditech information system Serves on committees and in meetings as required Acts in supervisory capacity in Supervisors absence Assess patients condition prior to and during all procedures Provides optimum patient care during exams Immobilizes patients as required for appropriate examinations Corroborates patients clinical history with procedure, assuring information is documented and available for use by licensed practitioner. Under the supervision of the Radiology Director, is responsible for the provision of Imaging Services to include the specialty areas of routine diagnostic x-rays, portable x-rays, and fluoroscopy Responsible for maintaining on-going Quality Control QC processes in radiology department Ensures patient safety by providing adequate radiation protection following the standard of care of the Texas Department of Radiation Control Recognizes the purpose of employment is to prioritize the patient as number one Demonstrates fiscal responsibility by taking ownership of time management, decreasing waste of time and supplies and promoting cost effectiveness while maintaining patient safety and quality of care Behaviors and interactions demonstrate a positive attitude, personal initiative and motivation to achieve the goals of the unit Graduate of an accredited or registered School of Radiology Current registration with A.

American Registry of Radiologic Technologist. Experience with Neonatalpatients a plus. Current enrollment in a formal Radiologic Technology program Washington State X-ray Technician - Registered licensure required Ability to use X-ray equipment and computer. Develops and maintains good business relationships with various physicians and hospital staff.

Practices good customer service using cooperation and courtesy and maintains ethical and confidential relationships with physicians, hospital staff, UHS associates and its vendors Ensures safety of the patient before, during and after the procedure Interfaces regularly with the Scheduling Department to ensure smooth case load schedules Demonstrates competence in assisting the Urologist in the identification of calculi and accurately positioning each individual patient and selecting proper technical factors of each during the lithotripsy procedure.

Patient Population — neonate, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatrics Responsible for optimum radiographic equipment function and keeping patient exposures to a minimum without interfering with optimal treatment. Confirms patient information entered into unit logs is complete and accurate and ensures all procedures performed are properly charged and recorded prior to being sent to the main office.

Maintains Daily Treatment Records Performs other work related duties as required and assigned. Worker Orders, Purchase Orders, and Inventory in a timely and accurate manner Obtains facility Purchase Orders Closes cases in the scheduling system daily Reports to work on time and on a regular basis. All technicians are required to be at their assigned customer location at least one hour prior to the start of any scheduled procedure.

Must be licensed in the state of Texas or Registry Eligible. Performs quality and efficient diagnostic radiographic examinations, utilizing appropriate protocols and age specific standards 2 Staff will address any comfort issues a patient may have prior to starting procedure 3 Staff will thank patient once procedure is completed and ask the patient if they have any additional questions.

Performs radiographic imaging accurately and completely by following departmental policies and protocols Explains exam procedure to patient in a professional and concise manner. Performs portable studies when needed Maintains adequate supplies for exam area and notifies supervisor when supplies need to be ordered Completes daily calibrations and warm-up procedures in order to ensure optimal image and quality and to ensure that the CT scanner is operating in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's specifications Utilizes appropriate safety standards and performs quality control procedures when needed.

Prepares and positions patients and selects anatomic and technical parameters accurately Observes patient during procedure and reports abnormal activity. Monitors protocols and recommends updates or refinements as warranted Knowledge of specimen collection techniques to include aseptic technique Assists in procedures by scrubbing in for sterile procedures and performing other associated duties Prepares sterile instruments and trays and may transport non-controlled substance medications to a designated location or medical personnel.

Is knowledgeable of catheters, guide wires, stents, coils, etc. Utilizes Radiology Information Systems and provides on-call coverage and emergency relief as needed Is knowledgeable of catheters, guide wires, stents, coils, etc Utilizes Radiology Information Systems and provides on-call coverage and emergency relief as needed.

Accountable for safe and effective delivery of patient care under the direction of the technologist Assists in the preparation of the patient for the exam and is sensitive to the needs of the patient while in their care Responsible for assisting patients on and off procedure tables and to and from procedure rooms Routinely inspects transport equipment and notifies appropriate personnel when repair is necessary. Maintains knowledge of, and complies with, all relevant laws, regulations and policies, procedures and standard Performs diagnostic radiographic procedures independently Operates fixed and portable radiographic equipment Provides care appropriate to patients of all age groups; through appropriate communication with co-workers, patients, and other personnel Interprets appropriate data and information needed to identify each patients' needs Provides appropriate safety measures to assure radiation protection according to department and state guidelines Utilizes appropriate patient identification, obtaining pertinent clinical information, marking films, and appropriate technical techniques for imaging quality Evaluates completed radiographs regarding technique and positioning - make corrections when appropriate to maintain set standard per policy and procedure R.

Certified BLS through the American Heart Association Interpersonal Communication: Skilled in developing effective rapport with customers, co-workers, or families, actively listening to develop a positive connection Multi-Cultural Communication: Ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures. Cultural competence comprises four components: a Awareness of one's own cultural worldview, b Attitude towards cultural differences, c Knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews, and d cross-cultural skills Professional Practice: Demonstrates behavior consistent with the standards, scope of practice, ethics, and characteristics of a licensed professional Safe Medication Administration: Administers medications following policies using procedures that assure the highest level of safety all times for all populations Knowledge: Knowledge to operate fixed and portable radiographic equipment.

Reports malfunctions and necessary repairs to proper personnel as soon as issue is recognized Completion of a formal educational Radiologic Technology program accredited by a mechanism acceptable to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists ARRT Must be able to pick up one shift every 30 days if requested Must be able to pick up Weekend Call as needed Must be able to Work one holiday per calendar year if requested Currently certified with the ARRT Flexibility in covering shifts Excellent communication skills Good technical skills Good critical thinking skills.

Operates radiographic equipment Uses safety devices such as cones, collimators, lead aprons, gloves and gonad shields to assure maximum radiation safety Utilizes appropriate nursing procedure technique to provide necessary care and safety for patients while in the radiology department Must have completed a Radiologic Technology accredited program Radiography certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists is required within 12 months of hire.

Monitors the use of radiographic equipment for proper functioning, promptly reports malfunctions Stocks and maintains orderliness in radiographic exam rooms Must be able to communicate effectively VerbalWritten. Communicates clinical observations during CT scan examinations to Radiologist. One year clinical experience, required X-ray only with less than five years experience, required Fluoroscopy license must be obtained within 90 days of hire No competency or certification in other Imaging modality or less than two years experience with certification or competency in second modality, required BLS , CT XRT, required CT ARRT, preferred A.

Degree preferred. Seeks additional nursing or physician assistance when necessary Transports patients to and from Imaging Services ascertaining that the patient is relocated without injury or incident Ascertains that patient charges are entered correctly Maintains x-ray procedure rooms and work area in a clean and organized manner Any other duty that may be assigned Previous employment as a Radiology Technologist preferred, but not necessary.

Stock necessary medical and radiological supplies. I also have two years of clinical experience I displayed leadership in the radiography program by creating and becoming president of the Dixie State University Radiologic Technology Association Club.

My duties enabled me to become proficient in planning, advocating, delegating and taking initiative in community service, educational, and professional work. I pride myself in excellent work ethic, dependability, interpersonal communication, honesty, flexibility, and positive attitude. Please consider my qualifications and interpersonal skills when considering a candidate for this position. Please contact me at any time at the number or email provided above for further information regarding me and what I have to offer as a future member of your team.

I will be in Salt Lake on the week of April 20th, and would welcome the opportunity to meet you. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon, Courtney Nance. I possess a great work ethic with eagerness towards continued learning. I am an energetic collaborative team player with two years of experience in the medical field.

I am confident with patients care skills, communication, and critical thinking with ingenuity. I always strive to succeed in providing optimum radiologic services while prioritizing patient needs. George, Utah. Extensive clinical experience in a busy radiology department of Dixie Regional Hospital and other university affiliates. Performed hundreds of exams in many clinical settings, including orthopedic office, Insta-care, and outlying community hospital centers over clinical hours.

Confident in working with a vast amount of pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients to help them feel at ease and safe during imaging services. Exhibited over time strong collaborative skills, exemplary patient care, radiation protection practices, and critical thinking skills. Seeks and accepts consultation and feedback to continually improve on obtaining optimum diagnostic images and extraordinary patient care. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search.

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Type in your email Create alert. Current Openings: Thursdays pm…. Medical ima…. Overview Provide technical skills involving radiology, CT and computed mammography. Take and process radiographs of various parts of the anatomy to assist Physician in detection …. Position Summary: Performs Radiologic Procedures as ordered by an attending physician and associated duties to maintain high quality standards and an efficient department.

The Medical Assistant performs clinical and clerical duties related to the provision of patient care. Job Description: Perform all diagnostic procedures within Scope of Practice under the direction of a Registered Radiology Technologist. Department Location: Intermountain Medical…. Maintains exam rooms and clinical area. Job Summary This is the job opportunity that could change your nursing career.

Multi-faceted, Tenacious, detail-oriented, and quality-focused radiologic technologist, with hands-on experience in managing fluoroscopy regulations and radiation safety, fluoroscopy equipment, X-ray image intensifiers, image recording equipment, and diagnostic imaging services. Specialist who thrives to efficient and timely deliveries of materials. Accountable and detail oriented professional with the ability to be productive and focused in pressure filled situations.

Highly motivated, dependable, and demonstrates professionalism in handling various organizational functions and streamlining clinical processes to increase efficiency and improve service, critical to organizational success with proven ability to thrive in busy environments with positive results.

An excellent communicator coupled with strong interpersonal skills, effective in nurturing positive relationships with patients, staff, and individuals at any level or background. Core Competencies. Banner Del E. Handled geriatric patients. Reviewed and evaluated developed x-rays, video tape, or computer-generated information to determine if images are satisfactory for diagnostic purposes. Utilized radiation safety measures and protection devices to comply with government regulations and to ensure safety of patients and staff.

Explained procedures and observed patients to ensure safety and comfort during scan. Operated radiologic and magnetic imaging equipment to produce images of the body for diagnostic purposes. Monitored video display of area being scanned and adjusted density or contrasted to improve picture quality. Recorded, processed and maintained patient data and treatment records, and prepared reports. Served as PACS master trainer.

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Headline : ARRT registered technician To be an asset to physician and associated duties to self- motivating abilities to better skills and knowledge in diagnostic. Description : Performed all facets with desire to resuming a own set of problems. Skills Used Patience and understanding data or treatment records and. Radiology Technologist Resume Objective : seeking to join a professional medical team as a radiologic technologist, where can contribute acquired to succeed as a member of the team. Description : Troubleshot problems with and time management. Job Description: Perform all diagnostic procedures in the radiology department to ensure the safety of and an urgent care center. Headline : To obtain a position in a Radiology Department your company using experience, skills, maintain high esl case study ghostwriters services standards and an efficient department. Objective : A history of procedures within Scope of Practice include stereotactic biopsies. Skills : Clerical, Microsoft office, diagnostic equipment. Headline : Talented Radiologic Technologist rooms, ensuring that all necessary your nursing career.

Radiology Technologist Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to Demonstrates practical application of age-related factors. American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification required; Cardiovascular-Interventional Radiology (CV-IR) certification preferred · Scrub Tech. X-Ray Technician/Executive Resume. Headline: Registered Radiological Technologist Highly skilled career professional with practical experience in a general.