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Resume bgmg mail ru


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Class Unicode based on Runtime Data msiexec. Hardee Jr. Thompson vows that no stone has gone unturned in making preparations to entertain dads, grads, and friends of the University this year. Bark-: ley will signal the beginning of the Gator Growl at 8 tonight in Florida Field. Over individual performers will take part in the greatest stu student dent student show of the year and over 20, spectators are expected to crowd into Florida Field to watch.

There will be a pre-Growl warm-up at , featuring Jim Jimmy my Jimmy Eller and the Florida Fa Favorites, vorites, Favorites, followed at by 15 minutes of dazzling fireworks, j Introducing the various acts and skits will be Master of Ceremon- ies Elliot Shienfeld, an alumnu as of last year. Schienfeld, a j! Vic- j tor Lombardos orchestra will pro- ; vide the music. The dance is strictly informal. Other candidates for the title will also be there.

Tickets are now on sale at the j booth near the post office and will be sold at the door. Tomorrow Noon : Food wont be the only thing ; barbecued Saturday when the States top flight legislators and public figures get together with prominent student leaders from the University for the annual Leg Legislators islators Legislators Barbecue at College Park tomorrow at noon.

Barkley and : Governor Fuller Warren. Politics and University prob- j. The traditional barbeque will be in keeping with what is to be Floridas biggest and best Home Homecoming. We are expecting over people to attend, reported Nick Stamathis, Barbecue chair chairman. Last years skit lampooned Gov- j ernor Warrens inauguration, two months before the actual inaugu- j ration took place. The banquet will be held after the Gator-Georgia game in the Wedgewood Room of the Roose Roosevelt velt Roosevelt HoteL The public may pur purchase chase purchase tickets at the hotel just prior to the banquet.

Beecher will i lead the mass-singing of Dixie. The band will also sup sup-1 -1 sup-1 ply all background music for the Growl. Next; in line follows wliat is expected to be one of the high highlights lights highlights of the program, the fra fraternity ternity fraternity and sorority skits. A pep rally will be acted j out jointly by the Gator Band, j the Cheerleaders, and the Pep!

The Florida Players skit! Awards for winning skits will follow next, then the introduc introductions, tions, introductions, mass singing of My Old Kentucky Home, the Alma Ma Mater, ter, Mater, Taps, and last the tradition- j al Gator Growl fireworks.

Chairman of the Gator Growi Committee, Doyle Rogers, and the approximately persons who worked on the committee, will see tonight the fruits of their works started early in the summer. Stated Rogers. I should like to express my thanks to all those who helped to make this Gator Growl the success that I feel cer certain tain certain it will be.

Deadline for ap applications, plications, applications, w T hich mast be turn turned ed turned in at the desk, is Monday, Oct. Guys, and Girls. Convocation and Dedication of Florida Gymnasium: p. Dedication of Gymnasium. Everyone invited. Florida Blue Key Banquet: p. Place: Florida Gymnasium. Principal Speaker: Vice-President Barkley. Florida Open House: p. Place: Florida Stadium. Jokes, clow'ns. See the Veep. Place: In front of the Florida Union.

Free coffee and doughnuts. Old friendships renewed. All alumni I invited. John Marshall-Bar Association Skit: 10 a. Place: Law School. Laughs for the Barristers. Swimcapades: a. Place: University of Florida Pool. Mermaids, clowns, entertainment for all Legislative Barbecue: a. Place: College Park. Football Game, Florida vs. Georgia Tech: p. Cheers for all. F Club Dance: p. Waltz, Swing, and Soft Lights. I called it then, and I call it now, the greatest Homecoming in the history of the school. While I pointed out with pride that a greater roster of dignitaries would be our honored guests than we have ever had on campus at one time before, I also reminded one and all that it would be primarily the same, old.

Both of these predictions have come true. It is now my very great pleasure to welcome you. We can say without serious fear of contradiction that the Univer- ; sity of Florida has mde as much or more solid progress over recent 1 years than any other institution of higher learning in America. It is an educational shame that some of this fine progress has been halted in recent months. Do not let anyone tell you, considering the pressing needs of this institution, that it can take cuts in its budget, inroads in its morale, and complete exhaustion of its building funds wihout serious damage.

This damage need not be permanent, and there is no occasion for pessimism and despair, but the present situation calls for realism and understanding. You see a student body of 10, You see classes running from seven-thirty oclock in the morning until ten oclock at night, but you also see many classes ; that are too large and too few faculty members to make them smaller, j Y6u see almost half of our program being carried on in temporary buildings, but you see that these buildings are deteriorating rapidly, and their ugly appearance constitutes a blight upon our very beautiful campus.

You see all of these things against a background of a tem temporary porary temporary retardation of progress. These things ought not to be in a growing, expanding, and progressive state. Against it all you see evidence of strong, vital, and courageous statesmanship in high places. It is upon this evidence that we lay claim to the faith and hope which is so imperative for future develop developments. Hillis Miller President. It is a very special privilege and pleasure for me to anticipate being back at my Alma Mater on Homecoming weekend this year.

Thousands of former students of the University will gather on this great weekend to reflect and reminisce on happy college days and to renew friendships. There is another important aspect of Homecoming which I am sure all of us w'ho call the University our Alma Mater especially en enjoy, joy, enjoy, and that is the opportunity to observe at first hand the great growth and progress that is being made in the development of this institution into one of the outstanding institutions of higher learning in our country.

I take tnis occasion to extend my greetings to the students, to the faculty and to all alumni of our University, and I am glad that this occasion which means so much to alumni also brings to this cam campus pus campus so many of our fine citizens who are alumni of other institutions and who are interested in the educational development of our Stare which is so vital to the building of a greater Florida.

In the spirit of this outstanding student body and certainly a great college spirit can be an inspiration to all of us let each one of us be dedicated anew to the cultivation and strengthening of those qualities and those factors which make for great citizenship and a great State. It is a time for former students, regardless of campus rank or later position in life, to re renew new renew college and faculty friendships.

It is an ideal occasion for our alumni, and for other citizens of the State, to learn about our Univer University. We already have a great University. It is doing an admirable job of educating the young men and women of Florida, and it is render rendering ing rendering public services of great importance throughout the State. The strength of our University springs not alone from the faculty, the student body and the physical plant, but also from a strong, in informed formed informed and interested body of alumni.

With the loyal support of alumni and other friends, the University Is rapidly developing into one of the leading institutions of higher ; learning in our nation. As president of the University of Florida Alumni Association, let j me extend to all alumni of the University, and to its other friends, a i most cordial welcome to the campus.

We hope that you will return 1 often, and that you will join in the inspiring task of building an even! William A. All roads into Gainesville are filled with traffic, as the Homecoming ceremonies attract more than 25, people from all over the state '49 Homecoming Edition Largest Alligator Yet With this page issue The Alligator takes pride in present- j ing the largest edition ever pub published lished published at the Universityin keeping with this institutions ] -ever Increasing expansion.

Last years Homecoming edition, edit edited ed edited by Ted Shurtleff. The swim show will be the smash success of the Homecomihg weekend in talent and color. While it was Great in 4B some 4. This years capers are moulded around the exotic oriental motif presenting an array of mysticism, beauty, and precision under a backdrop replica of the Taj Mahal, The Taj is resplendent in its usual filigree and delicate minarets.

The hour long extravaganza explodes with the appearance of Sultan Bud Loft and Genie Ted From upon the fiiat in the mid middle dle middle of the pool. In fast proces procession sion procession twelve gorgeous Gator mer mermaids, maids, mermaids, directed by Betty Mae George, display their talent in a water ballet. Ginny McDougal attempts a 1 solo ballet but it is interrupted by her husband Bud who mimics her smooth gyrations.

Diving by five experts off the springboard is followed by four suicide bent clowns headed by Sam Ridout and Jimmy Hicks who are remembered for last years antics. Since there was to be no queen at the Homecoming functions this year, the F Club decided to choose a Sweetheart. She will preside at the weekend festivities and all F Club activities throughout the year.

The bevy of shapely co-ed candi candi candi dates were nominated by the club j members and chosen by them at a meeting at the Florida Gym. Connie Bryan, of Titusville, was runner-up. Nada, a Sophomore, hails from St. Petersburg, and was the Orange Peels k Summer Sweetheart. An active mem member ber member of the Pep Club. This lovely little lady, who fills out five feet, five inches and pounds of beauty and charm, will adorn a float in the Home- j coming parade today.

Blue Key Homecoming Commit Committee tee Committee Chairman Tommy Thompson said yesterday, Now it's up to the students to show all the Uni Universitys versitys Universitys friends what a swell place the school really is, and how much its done for the state. Our committee is composed of more than one hundred students, and each of them has worked hard and long to make this Homecoming A Greater Time In We know that it has the I potentialities to make this years Homecoming the greatest ever; and with the students working on it, it certainly will be.

He added that the alumni 1 office w-as anticipating an over over; ; over; flow crowd. Over at the athletic office, re re re ports say that all tickets have been sold for the game between! This means that there will be some 27,- people present for the kick kickoff off kickoff at p.

More than students will take part In the monstrous show. Elliott Schlenfeld, a mem member ber member of Pi Lambda Phi, will emcee the glittering spectacle. Bill Bracken, head of the Swim Swim-1 -1 Swim-1 capades committee, told the Alli Alligator gator Alligator this weelt that the program i planned for the Saturday morning event was the most ambitious yet, I w-ith students from all over the i state taking part in the swimming, ; diving, and water ballet shows, i Trick and fancy diving, clown div div; ; div; ing.

Anything which can be tried in, on or above the water will be done, says Brack Bracken. Emory Diamond, business ntaij ntaijager ager ntaijager of the Fighjtin Gator Band, says that the band has drilled, rehearsed and practiced for the biggest show ever presented by Continued on Page TWO two girls chosen by the Gator team captains. These girls will serve as sponsors for the game.

Also on the list of numerous activities planned for her, the sweetheart will be introduced at the F Club dance Saturday night by Bill Turner, president of the club. Then she will be presented with gifts from the F Club and local merchants. During the dance, all of the contestants will be called to the 1 contestants will be called to the bandstand and presented with corsageb.

The other can candidates didates candidates were Marylin Overby,! Anita Clark, and Ann Louise Fletcher. He turned over in bed, picked up the receiver, drowsily said, hello. Gainesville, Fla. Tommy Thompson, the operator replied. This is he, Tommy said.

Thompson was sleeping late after attending the show Blackouts of the night before. He had checked in the Dixie on his way home from Boston, where he had attended the Kappa Sigma Fraternity national convention. J the voice op the other end of the line said.

Hardee, president of Florida Blue Key. Hardee came right to the point. Ed Grafton has been call called ed called home because of lUness in his family and is having to give up the general chairmanship of Homecoming. As Bine Key treas treasurer urer treasurer you know more about Homecoming than anyone except Ed, and I need you to succeed Grafton as general chairman. WUI you do it? Its the. University Ave. The first 1 thing he did was to pull out ot ' Law School, which he had only recently entered as a freshman, re-entered public finance in Busi Business ness Business Admrnrstratjon because he would have more free time there than in frosh law.

Then Tommy walked into room , Florida Union, office of the Homecoming chairman, rolled up his sleeves and started work on the 42nd U of F Homecoming. As general chairman, his Job was more than that of a co-ordi co-ordinator nator co-ordinator of the various activities of the weekend. According to Thomp Thompson, son, Thompson, the biggest task of the Home coming chairman is to maintain good public relations witn the Yes! Everything for Any Office..

Riding is no trick And then you'll go anywhere Amazingly eco economical nomical economical Low down payment, balance Mi] terms. Homecomings were inaugurated to serve and entertain alumni, and all efforts should be directed toward that end, he con. Its no little job to see that alumni have the best possible time at Homecomings, he said.

Particular difficulties this year have been in finding sufficient space for the FBK banquet, ar arranging ranging arranging several events to be go going ing going on all the time so that all alumni have sometning enter entertaining taining entertaining to do, and finding game tickets. As sponsor, FBK pro provides vides provides the leadership of the num numerous erous numerous committees necessary to put on a big affair such as Homecom Homecoming.

This factor, according to Thompson, is one of the reasons Homecomings operate so smooth- j ly. Blue Key men, working through the years for the Univer University, sity, University, have become accustomed to ] sacrificing time and effort with without out without thought of personal reward; hence when this opportunity for further service comes, they eager eagerly ly eagerly jump at the chance, he ex explained. Thomas Earl Thompson was born Nov.

Lauder Lauderdale, dale, Lauderdale, has lived there all his life. Although the son of an ehgineer, Tommy has never had the desire to be one. Instead, Tomfty aims eventually to be on a prosecuting team in the U. He became infatuat infatuated ed infatuated with his career while attend attending ing attending Ft.

Lauderdale High School. A prominent Miami lawyer, who had ; become famous in South Florida as the successful prosecutor in a number of important federal cases and who has since become promi prominent nent prominent in politics, spoke to the school assembly, so impressing i Tommy that he decided to make it his life work.

Also while in high school. Tommy served as president of the sophomore and junior class classes, es, classes, and president of the student body his senior year. But to classmates he probably is best known as the halfback who scor scored ed scored the winning touchdown in the only football game In which Ft Lauderdale has defeated Miami Edison. Between his graduation from high school and his entering the University in , Tommy served three and one-half years with the paratroops, largely in the Pacific area.

His knowledge of jump s ng came in handy last spring when he leaped from a Stinson as part of Varsity party campaign public publicity. Tommy, a non-smoker and only a moderate drinker, says his big biggest gest biggest gripe is over-filled ashtrays, especially in the Homecoming of office. I just cant stand to see ashes all over the desk," he ex explained.

Os all the things he likes, he prefers his association with his friends. Tommy is a bull-shoot bull-shooter er bull-shooter from way back and sometimes irritates his friends while walking across campus, because ne stops to gab with everybody he knows.

Two of the most noticeable things about Tommy are his dress and his laughter. Almost always neatly dressed, he usually is seen wearing one of his eight suits. Like most young Florid Floridians, ians, Floridians, he never wears a hat. His laugh is pleasant because he obviously enjoys life. His is a short, almost gasping hearty results from his good luck which has been continous since his 13th birthday which fell on Friday the 13th.

Politics has been Tommy's forte at the University, and he was se selected lected selected for the Hail of Fame be because cause because of his success in this field. Although he has been a candidate for only one office, Tommy has been a hard-working behind-the behind-thescenes scenes behind-thescenes man and is being considered as a potential Varsitv party can canidate idate canidate for student body president next spring.

Part of Tommys political suc success cess success might be attributed to a les lesson son lesson he learned while he was in the second grade. His teacher r rquired quired rquired each of her pupils to pick up 15 pieces of paper from the school grounds. Young Tommy proceeded to find a newspaper, tore it into 15 parts, and turned them over to the teacher. October M.

The position of j entrance into the parade was ac- j cording to lot, to avoid any fric- tion. Foot troops will meet at Evans and University Avenues at while mobilized units will meet at Harris Field at the same time. The parade will move at 1 p. Foot troops will disband at the Drill Field and the mobilized units nearby at either Stadium Road or the drive between Stadium Drive and Fletcher Drive.

Here at the University Tom Tommy my Tommy has chairmanned the Varsity party and served as Secretary of Social Affairs in the presi presidents dents presidents cabinet. Last lipring, when Sam Love edged him out tor the Varsity nomination for student body president, he resigned him himself self himself to serve as publicity chair- man.

Last Summer Tommy war, a successful candidate for president of the student body, defeating by more than a votes Honor Court Clerk Emory Diamond. Does he plan to nan for presi- dent of the student body next spring? He says no. But, Tommy says, I I wont definitely close the door to the nomination.

Itll top anything the students have ever seen, we really believe, says Diamond. I cant go into de detail tail detail on what itll be, but everyone at the game will see something really great. Hardee, president of Florida Blue Key, has an announced nounced announced that more than persons will be guests of Blue Key at the annual Blue Key Banquet, to he held in the Florida Gym at 8 Friday after afternoon. Vice President Barkley will be the featured speaker, : said Hardee, with his speech 1 carried over a state-wide radio network.

To add to the married students j enjoyment of the weekend, Ben j Cooper has announced that a' baby-sitting service will be pro- i vided for the game and most of j i Saturday. From baby-sitting to na- j tion-wide publicity. All the grads, dads, and friends of the University are invited. Nick Stamathis, chairman of the Legislators Barbecue com committee mittee committee says that more legisla legislators tors legislators than ever before will attend the event, to be held at Saturday morning, with a great number of other guests.

We : expect the greatest crowd weve ever had out there, and it ought to be something to see with all the prominent personages pres present, ent, present, from the first to the last. Nationwide publicity will be in j 1 the spotlight, with three news newsreel reel newsreel companies and representatives from nearly every newspaper and ; radio station in the state present for most of the ceremonies. All events are ready to go, with students ready to take the grads and dads in hand to show the Uni- j versity off as the States foremost I in every field of activityinclud activityincludj j activityincludj ing the big game with Georgia Tech on Saturday afternoon.

I hope that you dont mind this to-do said his host. P-2 Not at all. I love it," said the vice-president. The fact is in Washington nobody pays any at attention tention attention to me. Many activities are planned for the VP while he is in Gainesville, including having a deg Tee con conferred ferred conferred on him, and everyone hopes that he will like it here.

Time Magazine calls him a dependable, 'ikeaWe old dog sort of man, in politics regular as a metronome. He worked on his fathers tobacco fields and at attended tended attended county schools until he entered MAvin College from which he was graduated with a B.

He studied law at Emory University for a year, and after saving sufficient funds he continued his studies at the University of Virginia Law School. He was graduated and admitted to the Kentucky bar in Two i years after his marriage he con- j ducted the "muleback campaign which made him prosecuting at- j torney for McCracken County for a term of four years.

In he was elected to Con Congress gress Congress from the first Kentucky dis- j trict. In he was an unsuccess unsuccessful ful unsuccessful candidate for governor of Ken Kentucky. Beginning in Barkley took part in State Democratic Conventions and in National Dem Democratic ocratic Democratic Convention, acting as dele delegate gate delegate at large and later as chair- j man. Throughout his senatorial ca career reer career he was a loyal hanger-on to Franklin D. After the Republicans gained control j in November , Barkley was chosen minority leader of the 80th Congress upper house.

Among other things. Barkley served as president and chairman ex officio of the Interparliamen Interparliamentary tary Interparliamentary Union, as regent of the Smithsonian Institute, and as a member of the Commission on en enlarging larging enlarging the Capital Grounds. He delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in July of at Philadelphia and was chosen as the vice-presiden vice-presidential tial vice-presidential candidate for that party.

He was elected, and was inaugurated on Jan. Vice-President Barkley is a member of the Methodist Church. He has three children, one son and two daughters. Hillis Miller announced 1 recently. This is to allow all stu- i j dents to take part in Homecoming j activities. Ninth St. Continued from page ONE a Persian dance. Ginger BV eat. Jo Ann Ingram.

Nada yJ kie and Wkikie Saunders. I housing office is not. Barry Berrian and Joe P. As a special added attractfei the Sultans 18th wife will fe sacrificed to the man-sharks. Accent On Activities By Mary Foote Here we go again, giving you all the propaganda these clubs send us for publication we omit all rumors circulating about these little groups.. Sunshine City members, to everyone else, The St. Pete Club, elected officers at their last meet meetjng. First of a series ot 28 movies dealing with various phases of ad advertising vertising advertising will be presentea Novem November ber November 1 these are being co-spon co-sponsored sored co-sponsored by the School of Journalism and the Advertising Clud John Paul Jones, of Journalism, and pale Summers, of Architecture, are the new faculty advisors.

William Pepper, Jr. See the greatest pros ever assembled in a motion picture on Sunday or Monday! There will be a joint meeting of alumni, pep club, Miami Club, and the Gator Band, officials tomorrow plans for a parade and dance during the Florida-Miami week weekend end weekend will be discussed Weve got word here that a committee under the supervision of Frank Pruitt is planning a bath bathing ing bathing beauty float for the Home Homecoming coming Homecoming parade this is the Greater Miami Clubs entry..

This is a brief entry on the sheet. Fisher, Tampa, vice vicepresident; president; vicepresident; Gray Ellis, Tampa, sec secretary; retary; secretary; John Carter, Oxford, trea treasurer. Walter Crown has been appoint appointed ed appointed chairman of the Foresters Field Day to be held November Geltz give a report of the meeting of the Society of Ameri American can American Foresters recently held in Se Seattle, attle, Seattle, at their last meeting Openhouse for the weekend will be held at the Hillel House over Homecoming Weve no noticed ticed noticed some of these engineers per perusing using perusing the pictures of post-war buildings in Bryan Lounge.

Perhaps theirs will be there next. IvAAUI on the screen! The din dinner ner dinner will will be held at p. All Masons, wives, and dates are in invited vited invited to attend. Officers may be contacted for tickets or any anyone one anyone leaving his name at the Union desk will be contacted. Es Establishment tablishment Establishment of a scholarship fund was a main topic of discussion at their last meeting Nile C.

Appointed as committee heads are: Lee Weissen Weissenborn, born, Weissenborn, publicity: Bill Rockhill, mem membership; bership; membership; Woodie Liles, program chairman. Calling all chess players to a meeting in Union , Monday eve evening ning evening at 7. Tex Oliver, the chapters deputy councilor, gave a historical summary of the frats growth. Delta Theta Phi, legal frater fraternity, nity, fraternity, will entertain its members and guests with cocktail party at the Thomas Hotel following the Homecoming game.

Dean Henry A. Fenn of the College of Law was intro introduced duced introduced by Dr. James S. Lanhan, toast master, as guest speaker. New members are: W. Weatherford, H. Durland, D. Corbett, H. Frelden, M. Baker, R. Deeb, J. Baillie, R. Bryan, A. Gomillibn, I. Rust, J. Pitch Pitchford, ford, Pitchford, K, R. Williford, R. Coch Cochrane, rane, Cochrane, O. McGill, and J. Foote, dean of the college, has been in invited vited invited to join as a faculty mem member. Shir- Thousands of students, townspeople and spectators stood in solemnity as the University Fighting Gator Band played the Alma Mater.

This scene was taken at the Citadel game and shows the band mem members bers members in a perfect ITF formation. This hand will be seen performing ail its intricate formations and drills tomorrow afternoon before the game and during the halftime. Beecher took the reins as Division of Music chief two years ago that the idea became a reality. Even though a record smashing student body enrollment threatens to burst open the Universitys seams, the new, enlarged Division of Music now lists under its spon sponsorship sorship sponsorship a widely diversified pro program gram program of musical activities open to all students regardless of talent or inclination.

In addition, the Division of music also schedules in its building R headquarters a weekly Music for Fun program which is exactly what its name implies. Save for a powerful hankering to sound o f f musically, no particular musical talent is required and anything from Bach to be-bop is accepted. Pointing out that no holds musically speaking, are barred, a music division spokesman explain explained ed explained that the project opens up an en entirely tirely entirely new medium for expression by students hitherto unable to ley Bohannon, Helen M.

Plans are being made for the informal pledge dance to be held Friday. The big week-end is here, so this is all. Os all the organizations in the University music program, the most familiar is the orange and blue garbed Gator band that is well known to gridiron fans and classical music lovers. During the winter season, the band, directed by Colonel Harold B. Bachman, doubles as a concert group. A fifth band is the newly formed i P.

Yonge School band conduct conducted ed conducted by Reid Poole, an assistant pro professor fessor professor in the music division. Membership ranks in wo or orchestras chestras orchestras a symphony and a sa salon lon salon orchestra are open to all student musicians. Auditions are held regularly by contacting the director Preodor.

Four of the choral groups are open to all students while a fifth, the Messiah chorus, is open to townspeople, students, and faculty members to participate in the an an; ; an; nual yuletide event. Vocal organi organizations zations organizations include a choral union, a three-section mixed chorus, a mens glee club and a womens glee club. Similarly, membership in en ensemble semble ensemble music groups is open to all University students. One credit per semester is offered : in each group.

Credit is also awaided for I courses in applied music, includ including ing including private lessons in voice, pi- I ano and all other instruments. Beecher, a former national presi presi! For students who just like to sit and listen, a faculty and stu stu stu dent concert series is available. The Division also schedules many 1 prominent artists to appea: in the artists series jointly sponsored by the Division of Music and the Lyceum Council. Virgil Fox, organist and the i Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Suppose it rains Are you prepared? Col Colors ors Colors to match your ensemble. Come in and take a peek. You too, fellow. John V. McQuitty, Univer University sity University examiner, has announced that the C freshman English prog progress ress progress test will be given Thursday. Students whose last names be begin gin begin with A report to room , Building Advertisement Chatter by Millie By Mildred Langford By Mildred Langford As if enough wonderful things arent going to happen this week weekend end weekend..

Lucys is going to join in the fun! Yep, hop on down to see her if youre in need of a darling new corduroy skirt for the Gator Growl Visiting hours from 11 a. Why did three carloads of Kappa Sigs hastily set out for the carnival Tuesday night? Do they go for rides? Where are you, now that I need you.

Vivacious Lee Robinson J has a new car to take her to her dairy labs. Snell will call square dances for the Cavalettes at their all-student dance October 28, in honor of new pledges. Teeny Thomas is among the j coeds busily practicing for the water show which promises to be even better than last year. Bill Davenport and his Gay Notes are a good musical combo ready to play for any event. Zetas are still talking about the wonderful time they had at the ATO house. Have fun everybody and dont miss any of the big events if you can help it!

The Homecoming Committee has work worked ed worked hard and its sure to show! The second train, which wffl nm with the lrer Meteor from Waldo to Miami wffl leave the eampme at Friday morning and arrive to Miami not later than Friday afternoon. Qroope sack as fraternlttei and shtoa may reserve cam on them trains and decorate them to sny yay they desire. Fifty passengers may ha aaatad to a car. When the trains arrive ia Mi Miami ami Miami etty Imam wffl be waiting to take Ote atudants dodnatown.

The woffle eaatasmg os the vamp of tkm irfyiog weft and the long wearing Ihck brows rubber sole aA add ap to the ragged shoe that'a bah for pea. Uitfrwifty Ay. Phone Satur Saturday day Saturday after the game, arriving at the campus at Saturday ana uim The second train ia scheduled for the convenience of students who live ui the greater Miami area, and will leave Miami at Sunday i afternoon, arriving in Gaines Gaines! Round trip fare will he f1t. This rate la about fa no Ison tone toe regular fare and was secured through too tfflarte of toe Fep Club.

Tickets wffl go on sale to the Florida Union lobby Monday, Oct. H, and wffl remain on sale each afternoon from 1 00 to Salas will end at p. IT, jost before the depar departure ture departure mi the first train. If you have not yet been properly intro introduced duced introduced to Kiss Me, Kate. Columbia has published an ex excellent cellent excellent Long Playing record of the music from tha show as played and sung by the original cast. Al Alfred fred Alfred Morisoa and Patricia Drake head the cast, with Harold Long and Lisa Kirk deserving equal commendation for their supporting performances As obscure as these names may be to us in the hinter hinterlands.

They are ail , veterans of musical comedy experi experience ence experience. If you have not had a chance to see one of these productions, we eaa say from sxpeneitee that you have mimed a pretty teg thrill Fortun Fortunately ately Fortunately the recorded versions of these musicals give one a good ; clue to the excitement and won- 1 der of a real performance, and are John Marshall To Sponsor Barristers' SkH The tamil Low School Home Homecoming coming Homecoming skit, under the auspices of the John Marshall Bar Associ Association, ation, Association, will he presented tomorrow at 10 son.

I rector, director, will act as master of cere cere cere mantes for the occasion- He dis disclosed closed disclosed to the association at their recent meeting that this year's theme will be political in nature Characterisations of individual politicians will be presented by the east, with vocal numbers ren- i dered by the John Marshall oct octette ette octette Law School skits, designed for the Homecoming festivities, have held a prominent place in the Homecoming activities for many years.

Claude Pepper, senior senator of Florida, will be among the notables present for the Law School program, and it has been rumored that the senator is en endeavoring deavoring endeavoring to persuade Alben W. Barkley, vice president of the , United States, to attend. Gover Gover!

Lawyers from all over the state j will congregate for this preaecta preaecta' ' preaecta' tion. In ad addition dition addition to the entertainment, re rei i rei freahmenta are to be served. Stu Students, dents, Students, their parents and friends j have been invited to attend. Experiment Station Manager Succumbs! She head head! Cana Cana Cana da. Hawaii, Paris. London, and in 1 39 of the United States. Another promotion came in , when she was made secre secretary tary secretary to the Agricultural Experi- I meat Station and the Extension!

Service In point of service, she , was the oldest employe of the i University, she often said, and looked forward to an earlv re rej j rej tirement. Beethoven a Sonata No. The art artists ists artists are Pierre F:urr. There is very good ballad which we have been'bearing lately.

The movie pur- ports the melody to be a direct adaptation of a fourteenth century Gregorian Chanta field as yet untapped by the modem piag-. They should not j be told that a stork brought them j or that they were left on the door doorstep step doorstep by a guardian angel, he said. As an aeronautical engineer. Petynia will participate in the program of hydrodynamic re re, , re, search now being conducted at the ; Langiev Laboratory, first and largest" of the NACAs research centers.

He pointed out that! The effects of such learning', ihe emphasised, "are had. Qul Quli i Quli drro are certainly not. The professor said that sould a child ash a parent 'where he came from the parent should not hesi hesitate tate hesitate to tell him that he "grew in his mother. He also said that if a r hiUi wants to know "how he got out," the parent should not evade the issue. The Florida Blue Key ik 1 Bvimcapades. MKler states, in ths due tion. He extends a hearty come to all those who harsh drawn by the magnetic Homecoming The theme.

A Greater Thk 49", is exemplified ttoogp I this year's pamphlet. Food Chart! Boms ceM space? In shortly after the University Them transplanted from Lake Sfv to Gainesville, a student com committee mittee committee decided' ft set aside one vs each welcome and Stain fathers of the stu stuits its stuits attending school here.

Ap Apwfioriate wfioriate Apwfioriate enough, the affair Eu called Dads Day and it insisted of classroom tours and Actions followed by supper on vl University Commons. Thus, T years ago, the annual custom Jf celebration was years later, with registra registraion ion registraion at the University the larg largest est largest Florida history.. Also included in the activi activiy y activiy was a grim football game be beween ween beween the Gators and a rough Alabama eleven.

So hard fought vas the game that even though Florida lost 16 to 0. With the return of many World War I veterans in , gehool enrollment was again the largest In Floridas history. And again, homecomng featured dances, suppers and parades. This year, however, the under underdog dog underdog Gators crushed a strong Oglethorpe grid team 14 to 7. University Avc. The senior class was led by. Duke Williams, honor commit commiti i commiti teemen. And a certain senior from Tampa by the name of C.

Now add on ten years of study,. Remember you grads when l each morning the campus was i awakened by cassions which de de. And it also had six French , and between the horses, and the caissons, and the cannons and the drill sergeants, few, if any, alarm - clocks were needed for classes.

Starring in the. The Alligator pretty' well summed up campus comment I 1 with these words,. There may! Tillman at the infirmary. Bill Duck Duckwall wall Duckwall was named president of the student body Edgar Curry held the post of vrce-president; and Dixie Beggs was secretary secretarytreasurer.

Homecoming was quite a celebration. Florida Blue Key initiation, the! On Saturday i afternoon, following an early : morning band concert, Floridas Alligators met and defeated the Clemson Tide. And in the third pe- riod Rainey Cawthon plunged through from the Clemson two twoyard yard twoyard line to score, with Cannon Cannonball ball Cannonball Clyde Crabtree passing to Van Sickle for the extra point.

Among some of the prominent officials who witnessed homecom homecoming ing homecoming that year were Governor Doyle Carlton and Secretary of State j W. All told, about 8, visitors and alumni poured through the University that week weeki i weeki end. Another ten years and the haphazard days of ap appeared. The year when an ambitious lady donned a new type of perfume and succeeded in attracting a horse, complete with milk wag wagon. The horse chased her for five blocks, smashed down the door of a house where she had hidden and finally had to be driven off by a carload of cops.

And here at the University 3,- students entered the fall term, including 33 women in the graduate school: a ratio of only to one. Bristol in in-1 -1 in-1 augurated a new course entitled Making Marriage Work which later became the most popular course on campus under the title of Marriage and the Family. Remember some of the names? Ed Rood was president of the student body; J. Lester Poucher was vice-president and Jack Jones was secretary-treasurer. Young was, among other honors, president of Florida Blue Key.

On November 24 and 25 of that year, the University had a sensational homecoming, featur featuring ing featuring everything from a fencing exhibition to a circus act. The festivities began on Friday afternoon when the Baby Gators Gashed with the Stetson Frosh on the Florida football field and drove the visitors to a de defeat. That evening Blue Key held its annual banquet. John J. Tigert, then president of the Uni University, versity, University, delivered the main address and Professor W.

Carlton acted as master of ceremonies. Later that night Gator Growl took the spotlight with a fire fireworks works fireworks display, four boxing matches, an exhibition by the Fighting Gator Band, a terrific j wire and trapeeze act from the l Ringling Circus, community sing- : ing, a jitterbugging act by Bobby ; Varn and ending up with a Pep Club bonfire. Saturday 15, spectators jammed the stadium to watch the Florida gridders get taken for a 27 to 7 loss by the Geor Georgia gia Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Cahill lateralled to Chubby Fer Feringo ingo Feringo but there was a fumble, a pile up and the Yellow Jackets recovered. Homecoming officially ended with the dedication of three of the dormitories on Sunday. Fletcher; and Sledd Hall, for Dr.

Andrew Sledd, a former president of the University. The foregoing has been merely a brief history and resume of some of the highlights of past years and past Homecomings. From its small but spirited beginning in , Homecoming has become one of the cherished traditions of the University and one of the out outstanding standing outstanding celebrations of the school year.

And by merely glancing at the Homecoming plans for this year, one can be assured of a truly Greater Time in Comes in oxford, broadcloth f and handsome new colors. Through the use of a million dollar radar set-up, one of the largest in the world, the i research department is able to! Besides the strides made in the field of weather research, the En- University Library Acquires New Books Among the recent additions to the University Library collection, j the following titles may be of par parj j parj ticulrfr interest to the general!

Something Terrible. Something Lovely; Stephen,! Machu Picchu, and its people. Hunter's Horn. Drop in at the library for the book of your choice. If someone has it out, put a save on it or get a different book. If a book of your choice is unavailable, recom- mend it to the library. Until recently, the lowly scrub j oak was often called a weed j j tree because of its uselessness, j Now it is a very useful tree indeed.

From its bark, an excellent tan tanning ning tanning extract is made; from its trunk, a revolutionary flexible building material can be manu manufactured. Another recent accomplishment has been the preserving of botani botanical cal botanical specimens in plastic.

After the plant has been put through a com complicated' plicated' complicated' series of dehydration it is i then skillfully placed ip plastic. During the past year many dis dis! At present, research j workers are studying chemical fungus proofing for the prevention of mildew and mold, and also the possibilities of the use of white 1 building brick mad of sand and ; lime. Through recent discoveries the i older discoveries, such as the prox proxj j proxj imity fuse, considered the second : most valuable weapon used bv the i U.

Dean Joseph Weil, who is re responsible sponsible responsible for a good deal of the suecess of the college, feels that the greatest products of the school are not the many discoveries and developments, but the students 1 themselves who. Two hundred and twenty stu students dents students received diplomas last June. This was the largest graduating I class in the history of the college, j and a still larger number is ex- j pected to graduate in June, Most of the graduates find enr- ployment upon graduation owing to the high scholastic standing of 1 the College.

The Engineering col college lege college also offers numerous advant- I ages to the graduate student. Let us test you brakes. A few minutes spent with us may save your life. Tiresfone W. The various church foundations and centers will offer gathering places for refreshments and informal chit-chat during the weekend, although no special activities have been planned. However, Florida Blue Key has requested that the churches give special services for the Home- coming weekend.

Six of these organizations, their directors, and their weekly cal- I endars are as follows: The Wesley Foundation for Methodist students has the Rev. Thaxton Springfield as its direc director. The regular Sunday school and church services are attended by this group, followed by supper, worship and a socisl hour Sunday evening.

After the evening services, students attend a social hour at the center, where Tuesday night services and various social par parties ties parties are held. Their director is the Rev. The members are provided with regular Sunday ser services. Com Complines plines Complines after supper services are held every evening at 10 by direc director.

James Orth. His assistant is Miss Ann Hunter. In their new home on West ; University Ave. Ray Konnce, holds Fri Friday day Friday night Bible Study, a social hour after Sunday evening ser services, vices, services, and various social functions. Like most of these organizations, the students attend Sunday ser services vices services at th.

Eight-thirty and masses are held each Sun Sunday day Sunday at the chapel, while during the week, mass is at seven a. Worshippers are invited to breakfast held after the mass on Sunday. Simple Sunday evening pro- i grams will be held at the Hillel Foundation for Jewish students, j until the arrival of a new Rabbi sometime this month.

Hillel will sponsor Sunday discussion groups and breakfast before the regular Friday and Saturday morning ser services. On the agenda were lec- i tures, interviews, seminars, and j worship services, to present many I opportunities for broadening and deepening the spiritual life. Next Spring, another program has been planned, and it rs urged that all students attend at least one or more of the various meetings.

It is to be a Memor Memorial ial Memorial Center for casualties from the University, and is to include a chapel. Various alumni groups are to raise the funds. The archways now under con construction struction construction are the first step in re- j! On its staff are such outstanding in- structors as A. Greaves-Walker, 1 F. Pumphrey, N. Phelps, and C. These men are responsible for an unusually large amount of textbooks which are used as ref reference erence reference texts in many universities and colleges throughout the na nation.

It is largely through the ef efforts forts efforts of these men that the college of engineering of this University is one of the few engineering col colleges leges colleges that has all its curricula fully accredited by all accrediting agencies.

When completed it will be not only the mpst progressive engineering school in the country, but also one of the most modern. Motto of the college will be: Enter to learn leave tb serve the nation, the state and the people. Nearly Attend U. Women's Club Meeting Nearly members of the Um- i versity of Florida Womens Club j held their first meeting of the new year in the auditorium of Florida Union Monday after afternoon noon afternoon and heard Mrs.

Hillis Miller welcome new members to the organization. In her remarks, Mrs. Miller pointed out the cultural, educa- j j tional, and social advantages; available to the membership as : wives of University personnel and j urged all present to take an ac- : tive interest and part in the af afi i afi fairs of the Club.

I The arrival of new members 1 is always stimulating to an or organization, ganization, organization, Mrs. We of the Uni University versity University are pleased to have new members within our ranks, and know that all of us will benefit mutually by our associations to together.

Wallace, president I of the Club, presided over the business meeting which preceded Mrs. Millers welcome. R, Matthews, recording secretary, read the minutes of the last meet meeting, ing, meeting, and Mis. Heskin read the Treasurers report. Wallace then introduced the following members of the ex- j ecutive board: honorary president, i Mrs. Miller; first vice president, Mrs. James E. Phum Phum Phum phrey; third vice president, Mrs.

Martin; recording secretary, Mrs. Matthews, corresponding sec secretary, retary, secretary, Mrs. Tuttle; treas treasurer, urer, treasurer, Mrs. Heskin; publicity chair chairman, man, chairman, Mrs. Hughes; advisor to newcomers, Mrs. Hinck Hinckley; ley; Hinckley; general chairmaih of colleges, Mrs.

Schnell, and president j of newcomers Mrs. JEL P. Martin Martinj j Martinj son. After the business meeting, the! Otto J. Pleasant St. Shapiro WRUFThe Voice of Florida this month is celebrating its 31st anniversary on the air by continuing to give Floridas University City the tops in coverage, entertainment, and service.

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