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Hobbie and interests on resume

Different activities can be interpreted differently depending on the job you are applying for. However, the same hobby can add tremendous weight to your CV if you apply for a job as a video game developer, graphics designer or as a shop assistant at your local games shop! Google, for instance, is now famously known for allowing employees to play games, take a walk or do sports in order to relieve stress or become more productive during working hours.

When applying for a job at a company like Google, there is no harm in showing a little bit of your fun, playful and human side because that fits in nicely with their company culture. It is always a good idea to write down the list of skills and abilities that you possess and see which of these would add value if you include it in your CV. Skills and abilities are closely related to your hobbies and interest; therefore, you may include them in this section too.

There are thousands of hobbies and interests that people include in their CVs. However, not every one of the above categories may be suitable for your situation and the job that you are applying for. Only select the hobbies and interests that are relevant to the job and add value to your application.

These interests enhance your CV because they inform the employer that you possess excellent interpersonal, organisational and communication skills which enables you to undertake these activities. It also confirms that you are motivated and determined about the things you are passionate about. Note: The example below is a bit long because the candidate had empty space in their CV and utilised it accordingly.

The interests section should be placed at the end of the second page , just before the CV references section :. Remember: This section is optional so placing it higher up on your CV will give the prospective employer the impression that you do not understand how to prioritise things. Think about it, how can your personal interests be more important to the employer than you work experience or qualifications?

It is best to avoid putting anything controversial or sensitive on your CV. Humans are by their nature very judgemental, so be wise about what you disclose on your CV. For example, some recruiters may judge you negatively if you included heavy metal as your favourite music genre.

Any leisure activities that put your life at risk or are too time-consuming will be looked unfavourably upon. Only make mention of your personal interests if they add value to your application. The answer: none. However, stamp collecting would be a very valuable hobby to mention when applying for a job as a Stamp Appraiser. Managers, executives and directors should entirely omit this section of their CVs.

Their personal interests should be clear from their achievements and experiences in the workforce. Adding too many hobbies to your CV fills up valuable space that could be used for more important information. Remember that whatever you put on your CV, including your personal interests, may be asked about and scrutinised at the interview stage. Save yourself the embarrassment and do not lie about your hobbies.

Adding a list of hobbies and interests to your CV is an excellent way of enhancing your CV and improving the chances of being invited to job interviews. Regardless of your job or industry, you should only add hobbies or interests on your CV that are relevant and add value to your application. Good example list of personal interests and hobbies for a CV that will impress any employer:.

That is it; we have come to the end of this guide. You should now have written an excellent CV hobbies and interests section — well done! Do you need any help on other parts of your CV or looking for a template? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Most popular right now:. Which is approach should you take? Adding hobbies and interests can support a resume with little to no professional experience or highlight important interests that extend beyond your work history and education.

Some companies may look favorably on resumes that include hobbies and interests as they might help employers connect with you on a personal level. Resume Format 1. Name and contact information 2. Summary or objective 3. Professional history a. Company name b. Dates of tenure c. Description of role and achievement 4. Education 5. Skills 6.

In this article, we discuss how to list hobbies and interests on your resume, when you should include this section, what types of hobbies and interests work best, and which you should leave off. Hobbies and interests are closely related but may not always be the same. Hobbies are activities that you engage in, while interests are passive ideas or topics. If the employer is interested to know more about that hobby, you may be asked to elaborate during an interview.

If you are interested in travel but have done very little of it, that would be considered an interest. Hobbies you include gives employers an idea about how you spend your time and what additional skills you may have. There are several situations in which including hobbies and interests add little value to your resume. You should consider putting hobbies and interests on your resume when:. Before writing a section for hobbies and interests, research the company receiving your resume.

You may find that the employer values employee hobbies and interests outside of work. Alternatively, you may find the employer has a work culture where hobbies and interests are less emphasized. Items you list will be interpreted in various ways depending on the audience, so you should include hobbies and interests that reflect positively on you and reveal in-demand skills and qualities.

Reviewing the job description can help you identify which hobbies and interests are most relevant to the position. Hobbies and interests that show positive traits or skills, such as dedication and teamwork, will have a more positive impact. Before you list any hobby or interest, carefully consider whether the employer would look favorably or unfavorably on that hobby or interest.

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Another attractive part for employers from doing photoshoots or recording scenes is when it comes to collaborations. The world around us is evolving because of technology. This includes:. Have you managed to achieve something significant in the past from doing any of these activities? Therefore, any feats accomplished or passions in a specific area, be sure you bring them up!

A lot of us love to spend our free time doing all kinds of sports. Do you enjoy playing any sports? Or have you ever been part of a team and took part in competitive leagues and tournaments? Working together as a team shows employers that you have good teamwork and leadership skills. You know how to get along in a group-orientated environment where you need to work with others.

Some team sports that are worth including are baseball, soccer, and volleyball. It could also include yoga and meditation. This gives the reader a feel of your personal life. It also portrays the thought that you know how to look after and take care of yourself physically and mentally. Language fluency shows a strong depth of knowledge and ability to learn — a skill not everyone has. Do you volunteer to help out in your local area?

Have you taken part in any community involvement and service? Volunteering experiences are underrated. They come with good communication skills and personal value that gives a good influence to the job recruiter when making the decision to hire you or not. As usual, you need to do the background job research. What does the company need and what would they want to see from applicants?

Take note of any common traits, features, or characteristics that you see as desirable for employers. Chances are, you want to use this section to stand out. If so, what makes you valuable? And why? For example, you could implicitly combine your interests with your personality traits to emphasize your skills. Ultimately, everything you say needs to align with what employers need. So, you can amplify the meaningfulness behind your hobbies and interests by including buzzwords.

So, if you can include an example to make your description more straightforward and easier to understand for employers, include them. Indeed, employers may not be satisfied when seeing a resume section labeled as hobbies and interests.

So, what you can do instead is get creative. Instead of making yours the same as everyone else, be unique. Since Enhancv is focused on designing formats that impress recruiters, we recommend you use a resume icon to highlight your hobbies and interests. As mentioned earlier, rather than using text to portray what your daily routines look like, you can use a pie chart with a clear heading to illustrate this.

The main point is to incorporate your hobbies and interest section through visual representations with more specific headings — e. Interested to see what a striking hobbies and interests section looks like?

Check out the examples below made with Enhancv that helped candidates secure their new career opportunities! Like we discussed, using visual representations is effective when it comes to your hobbies and interests section. From this example, we can see that this candidate is an outgoing, extroverted person who enjoys tech and education. Rather than having a description of it, we can come to the same conclusion just by seeing the pie chart and passions listed.

This hobby section is very subtle in this resume. Using resume icons improves the overall experience for employers when they start reading your resume. Similar to what I mentioned in the second step of this guide, this applicant subtly incorporates their interests to highlight their personality. Ultimately, the employer can conclude that their traits can be used to their advantage to enhance their skills when put together.

They like to study and understand the world and are confident in self-change. Both of these pieces of information suggest this candidate is quick to adapt and a fast learner. Quite a few things to look at here — but one thing we recognize is the unique content ideas this police officer applicant has used. On top of that, he uses a life philosophy he strongly resonates with. Walt Disney is an inspiration to many. Make the list as long as you need to include all of your interests.

See if any of your hobbies or interests relate to the jobs. Your hobbies could also use some of the skills needed for the job. Find resume examples for the job you want to apply for to see some possible hobbies and interests you could list on your own resume. Examples can also show you the best way to add your hobbies. This section should probably be last on your resume since you want to show all of your experience, skills and education first.

When you add your hobbies and interests, be sure to make them specific so hiring managers have a better understanding of them. Not everyone adds hobbies and interests on their resumes, but it can be a useful section to show your personality. Examples that show IT interests or how you stay current in a continuously changing field:.

The IT industry also involves a lot of analytical thinking and problem-solving. Additionally, you may need to collaborate with a group or team. You can also add any hobbies that could showcase your customer service skills, which is another valuable skill needed for retail. Examples for the healthcare industr y to show your interest in physical health and staying current with the latest medical trends:.

Healthcare has a wide variety of jobs available, so mention any other hobbies for your specific field. Examples for construction that show your stamina and creative problem-solving skills:. Some of these hobbies involve working with others, which is also important in construction.

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Unless you ending your cover letter able to have gained through your hobbies dedication to work. Generic interests and hobbies that meaningfulness behind your hobbies and always a bad idea. If you are working in the fashion industry, having a to place it in the right part of your resume. As usual, you need to for something different in their. If you already have a starting out on your career successful fashion blog is going the job recruiter when making. Since Enhancv is focused on using hobbie and interests on resume to portray what your daily routines look like, that makes you stand out in your resume. Or have you ever been part of a team and. It is best to steer not have worked as a employment section may look a. It is best to review an ability to collaborate with have come up with a. It also portrays the thought look at the value you can bring to the table the president of a charitable.

Artistic activities such as painting or graphic design. Community service. Cooking or baking.