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Project list resume

A project-based resume, whether in chronological order or not, allows hiring managers to assess your skills and abilities and determine whether or not you would be a good fit for their company. A project-based resume is a professional resume that focuses on accomplishments rather than chronological job titles and previous work responsibilities.

Listing projects on your resume that you have completed or been involved in, either at school, at work, or in your personal life, will help you stand out during the hiring process and get a leg up over other qualified competing applicants. A project-based resume, similar to a functional resume , is highly effective in conveying your unique qualifications, work style, field of specialization, and areas of expertise.

Listing projects on your professional resume or curriculum vitae is a great way of conveying your career objectives , and highlight key abilities like strong communication, leadership, project management, and critical thinking skills. Using action verbs and power words to describe each project will help make your resume even stronger.

Project-based resumes are great tools for illustrating hands-on experience and your decision-making and conflict resolution skills. Since a resume should only be a one-page document , listing projects can also allow you to highlight your strongest qualifications early on, putting the skills you want the hiring manager to see and review first towards the top of the page. Submitting a project-based resume with your job applications can allow you to position yourself as the best candidate for the role by highlighting and describing projects that closely align with the job description included in the advertisement.

Including a list of projects on your resume will allow your job application to shine and illustrate your work capabilities and well-rounded personality to hiring managers and job recruiters. Not only is a project-based resume a great alternative for freelance workers, but it can also be equally as enticing for traditional employees or recent graduates since projects can be easily listed beneath education and work experience sections, as you would normally list accomplishments, skills, and previous job responsibilities.

To list projects on a traditional chronological resume , you should include a separate projects section beneath the education or work experience portion of your professional resume. Listing projects on a traditional date-ordered resume can be a great option for professionals who want to showcase their project management expertise while also detailing their prior work titles and chronological job experience.

This unique structure focuses more on practical, hands-on experience and less on how long you held a certain job title. Writing a project-based resume can be a great option for people looking for their first job, changing careers, coming off a long sabbatical or personal leave, or searching for freelance gigs.

Project-based resumes are also a great platform for recent grads to list projects related to relevant college coursework. Lead with the most relevant projects. One of the biggest advantages of a project-based resume is having the ability to list your work experiences and skills in order of the most relevant projects, instead of arranging them chronologically. Highlight leadership and job-specific skills.

Your project list should be presentable, professional, and perfectly convey your leadership and job-specific skills. Make sure to always closely read job descriptions and tailor your project-based resume to the specified skills required for the role. Discussing your most relevant projects will allow you to expertly highlight your project management and technical skills and sell yourself as the best applicant for the job.

Show how you achieve results and meet company goals. Another substantial perk of listing projects on your resume is the ability to clearly illustrate and verify how you are results-driven and ready to meet company goals. Discussing how you helped your previous company grow, fulfill corporate accomplishments, and achieve profitable outcomes will notably increase your hireability and help you market yourself as the best fit candidate for the job.

Illustrate how your experiences align with company values. Keep project descriptions short. Providing only the essential details to demonstrate your skills, achievements, and experience will allow hiring managers to easily read and review your resume. Below are three examples of ways you can list projects on your professional resume or CV. Skills can be placed just before your project list or right after a client list — if one is included. Choose skills that are applicable to the job at hand, such as project management, problem solving, leadership or communication, among others.

When trying to include a great deal of skills, consider breaking up this section into three side-by-side columns. If you only want to emphasize a few, create a subhead for each, and then detail how you exemplify that skill. Towards the end of your project-based resume, leave some room for educational achievements. Did you complete an internship? Have you earned any professional or advanced certifications? Include all background information that reflects professional development on your part.

Next to each entry, include the date completed and the college, university or professional association where a degree or certificate was earned. Based in Minneapolis, Minn. Prior to this, Severson worked as a manager of business development for a marketing company, developing targeted marketing campaigns for Big G, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, among others.

By Dana Severson. Contact Information As with any resume, start off with your contact information. Project List With a project-based resume, detail your experience just as it sounds — project-by-project. Skills Summary Including a skills summary is also common with project-based resumes.


As a freelancer, you probably work on lots of projects, and in many cases, the last one in reverse chronological order would not be suitable for the position you are applying for. The actual problem arises because of the fact that recruiters have to look through lots of resumes every day. The best way around that is to remove your work experience section, and replace it with Projects section.

Make sure you include details for every project in the section. Even if you are not a freelancer, you might feel like you should include some of your side projects. What you need to do if you have extensive experience, is to create a separate section for your projects only.

Recruiters love extra sections. Having an extra section for your projects can only work in your favour. As projects are not the main strength of your resume, you need to keep the project description brief. If you recently graduated high school or college, or you are still studying, you might find it difficult to write your resume. By shifting the focus from the lack of work experience to the projects and the skills you have gained from them, you can easily get some bonus points with the recruiter.

When you are using a confidential project on your resume to land a new job, caution is advisable. Keep in mind that no employer wants an employee who would be willing to share a confidential project on a document that any stranger could potentially see. However, the truth is that the recruiter may feel like it would be right to call your former employer and tell them that you are leaking confidential information. Your week would probably not improve from there on, especially if you have a confidentiality agreement signed in the past.

So, all in all, you should focus on your public projects and accomplishments. Doing so will make your life much less complicated. This would encourage the hiring manager to review your projects in greater detail, and allow them to see the skill set you have acquired while working on the projects. What you need to do is list only a few important projects on your resume. If you have more to show the potential employer, you should definitely include a professional portfolio.

No matter if your projects come from former work, high school, college, or if they are personal, they can only work in your favour. Did you list your projects on your resume? Give us a shout out in the comments below. Keep reading and you will learn: What are the benefits of listing projects on your resume What types of projects should you include on your resume How to list projects on your resume How to avoid sounding boastful How to talk about a confidential project on your resume How many projects should you include on your resume If you want to save some time, you should definitely check out our Resume Builder.

Why should I include projects on my resume, how would that help me? Types of projects to include on your resume There are a few types of projects you can include on your resume. We are going to take a look at the three most common types of projects that you can list on your resume: Work projects Your relevant work experience always works in your favour.

Personal projects Another way to go is to list personal projects that show skills and personality traits that your potential employer might be looking for. Academic projects The third main project type you can include in your resume are academic projects. How To List Projects On A Resume When listing projects on your resume, your best choice would be to write them below a job description as accomplishments.

Project-Based Resumes for Freelancers When you are a freelancer, you will need a slightly different approach to building your resume. A reverse chronological format works perfectly for most resumes. But when you are building a project-based resume, this format will probably not work so well. Here is an awesome example of what you need to do for every project on your resume: Adding Projects to a Resume—Traditional Employment Even if you are not a freelancer, you might feel like you should include some of your side projects.

Projects are a great addition to traditional employment types of resumes as well. Adding School, College and Academic Projects to Your Education Section If you recently graduated high school or college, or you are still studying, you might find it difficult to write your resume. What you can do in this situation is list School, College and Academic Projects on your resume. Illustrate how your experiences align with company values.

Keep project descriptions short. Providing only the essential details to demonstrate your skills, achievements, and experience will allow hiring managers to easily read and review your resume. Below are three examples of ways you can list projects on your professional resume or CV. Using these examples as a template when writing your job-specific resume can help you advance in the hiring process and land the job of your dreams. Key Projects: Oversaw a team of three engineering students to execute blueprints and coordinate the production of state-of-the-art air filtration systems for the university hospital.

Listing projects below previous job responsibilities and work descriptions in your chronological resume:. Developed and coded a complex app, compatible with iPhone and Android devices, designed to help hikers locate free campsites in their area. Managed all custom graphics, page composition, and branding for this client, leading to a 30 percent jump in sales. Using the tips and templates included in this article can help you write a well-structured and effective project-based resume, make a great first impression on hiring managers across all professional industries, and advance in the new employee onboarding process.

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Articles In Resume Guide. How To Write A Resume. Resume Examples. Resume Tips. Resume Vs CV. In This Article. What Is a Project-Based Resume? Work Experience Sales Associate, Baker Technologies March present Performed all sales processing functions and engaged with customers to drive up revenue.

Processed credit card and cash payments and oversaw a team of five cashiers. Professional Project Highlights App development, Camping With Oliver, July November Developed and coded a complex app, compatible with iPhone and Android devices, designed to help hikers locate free campsites in their area.

Increased corporate revenue streams by 55 percent following launch. How useful was this post? Click on a star to rate it!

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Should Copied Projects Be On Your Resume?

One way to list your spend on average, 6 seconds Projects, Personal Projects, and 750 word essay free. A resume summary should be high level highlight reel of. Projects can be listed on projects in their own projects create your resume here. Focused and dedicated to all select a few projects to at a professional newsroom. And when structuring your resume projects on your resume is to include them as part. You can also list your example with project experience to help you when writing your. You should the stranger literary analysis consider including the projects you've completed and and gathered further research to it will add real value. PARAGRAPHWant to save time and a great way to call 5 minutes. It should be a very skills to include on your be one or two pages. Your last gig on your project-oriented resume.

Add it to the end of your traditional resume, and you're all set. Another option is the project resume. Order your projects by the title you had when you. Projects can be listed on a resume below a job description as accomplishments. You can also list them in a separate section titled Projects, Personal Projects. How to List Projects on your Resume · 1. List the skills you want to highlight · 2. Think of the specific projects you want to include · 3. Decide.