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Navy resume examples


Excellent at organizing, developing, and executing plans individually or as a team. Developed and planned a volunteer work and maintenance schedule resulting in high levels of production for the department. Developed knowledge and skills in metal work, welding, woodworking and operation of power equipment.

Aiden Jackson. Professional Summary. Preform inspections on building retavations to ensure contractors are held to the high standard set by the Navy requests. Acquired hours of flight time during primary and advance flight training. Experienced in leading groups of twenty or more people. Assisted in maintaining squadrons logs and records. Have experience and preformed at high levels in stressful situations such as aircraft emergencies, flight maneuvers and rapidly changing airspace environment.

Stood high responsibility positions such as squadron duty officer and runway duty officer. Naval Officer Resume Summary : Seeking a position as an orthopedic physical therapist that connects the high-pressure experiences from military career with future patient care demands in an outpatient clinic while using evidence-based practice to provide the most effective treatment for rehabilitation.

Description : Responded to all un-authorized visitor requests. Planned, coordinated, and executed Anti-terrorism and Visit. Responsnible for preparing meteorological forecasts and briefings, and distilling useful, accurate meteorological information from weather models. Supervised a team of seven in a weather forecasting center. Served five years with progressive training in all areas of security. Ensured safety of the ship and its crew members. Monitored ship alarm systems. Naval Officer Resume Summary : Naval Officer with nine years of leadership experience, an MBA and an engineering education seeking a developmental opportunity in financial services.

Description : Ensured long-range precision strike-fighters supported real-world air wing and battle group requirements. Qualified as an air wing Combat strike leader. Responsible for people, aircraft, and equipment on five Navy ships in an Amphibious Ready Group.

Managed more than Active Duty Navy, Marine, and civilian personnel an exceptional opportunity in the high risk training of over students annually. Continuously improved processes while responsible for all aspects of this unique training command. Naval Officer Resume Summary : To continue to participate in interesting and challenging activities with an opportunity to influence things for the better in the Annapolis, MD area. Skills : Operations, Operations Management, Logistics. Appointed as the Operations Officer responsible for daily mission coordination of four MHS helicopters and the scheduling of over 30 pilots and aircrew flying combat missions.

Served as an invaluable member of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 21 training junior pilots, leading the safety department, and flying operational logistics missions in Southern California. Assigned to strategic plans and operations division directly responsible for security and anti-terrorism planning in support of operational movements between commercial shipping and military operations of Mid-Atlantic fleet comprised of ships.

Safely executed and briefied top level mission commanders monthly on active terrorism threats and potential safety concerns for merchant and military shipping; effort has resulted in zero homeland terrorism incidents to date. Integrated with a team of 15 personnel responsible for anti-terrorism intelligence defense in support of civilian and military operational movements for critical Middle Eastern and Northern Arabian Gulf passage sea lanes.

Responsible for identifying and coordinating the capital expenditure and logistics requirements for The establishment of Navy SEAL Group TEN , a command comprised of over personnel. Description : Implemented a streamlined logistics IT system. Planned, led and trained personnel on first logistical audit of 3 subordinate component commands.

Identified and corrected key logistical shortfalls in the contracting, procurement, and inventory processes. Implemented an effective foreign language training and sustainment program for over language qualified Navy SEAL personnel. Managed team of 17 personnel in a combat environment. Naval Officer III Resume Summary : Experienced security officer looking to obtain a position utilizing knowledge and skills to serve and protect the company assets.

Description : Coordinated several disparate agencies to develop, test, and implement improved processes that eliminated waste and improved circuit availability and productivity. Responsible for Officers and direct reports. Responsible for Planning and operations, performance review, budgets, maintenance. Provided security, transportation and lodging for Department of Defense distinguished visitors high level General Officer and above. Coordinated patrol operations for the Colombian Navy Become familiar with the handling characteristics of the vessel.

Helped overall commanding for strategy and planning, establishing patrol routes Logistic missions to different naval bases. Handpicked naval officer out of hundreds, trained to provide tactical simulation and employ threat tactics via military fighter aircraft for air. Responnsible for providing guidance and flight instruction to the US Navy's premier flight crews prior to their deployments.

Supervised and managed the performance of hundreds of navy aircrew, aircraft, and sailors in the performance of their duties including aircraft. Served part and full-time in various locations and positions during years as an active duty dependant. Worked in manpower analysis and management, Information Systems management. Produced and propagated installation readiness reports by developing executive presentations utilizing Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets and power points resulting in optimal readiness and performance.

Description : Managed 20 enlisted men and task related equipment on board a Destroyer Escort class ship. Assisted with the preparations, assembly and delivery of meeting packets. Conducted installation quarterly, semi-annual, and annual training utilizing excellent Communication skills in a clear and concise manner resulting in the installation meeting Navy Wide Training requirements for over personnel.


Skills 6. The time you served in the military can make you more desirable to employers for several reasons. Showing your military experience on your resume helps potential employers understand the tasks you performed in the military and the skills you acquired that may benefit their organizations. Your experience can also help your resume stand out from other applicants and shows potential employers you have the following desirable qualities:.

Read more: Transferable Skills: Definitions and Examples. Incorporate your military experience throughout your resume. Add military experience to your resume using the same format as work experience, with the most recent positions listed first. Supplemental sections can highlight your honors and skills. Once you are satisfied with your resume, you can start submitting it to potential employers with jobs that match your skillset.

Follow these steps to add your military experience to your resume: 1. Write your summary 2. List your military positions and responsibilities 3. List any military honors 4. List any additional training or technical skills 5. Proofread and revise your resume 6. Ask a non-military contact to read your resume. If your military experience is recent, it deserves a place in your resume summary. Mention the position you hope to obtain with your application, the position you held while serving and the experience or qualities that make you suitable for this role.

Four or five lines of text are ideal. If your military experience is not recent, you may omit it from your summary. Create a military experience section with subheadings listing your military positions and the dates you held each position. Separating your military experience from regular work experience, if applicable, helps it stand out. Add a bulleted list of your responsibilities and achievements under each position.

Highlight military experience that uses skills required in the jobs you are applying for. Look for keywords in job descriptions to make sure you are targeting the right skills. Quantify your achievements with statistics where possible. Your military honors prove your excellence and commitment to your work, so make sure you include them on your resume. Receiving any military medals, awards or an honorable discharge should all be included to showcase your achievements and service.

Consider listing honors under the specific military role in which you earned them or create a separate supplemental military honors section. Add a separate training and skills section to show further experience gained in the military. This section could include details of the languages you learned while serving abroad or training programs you undertook, even if you did not use the training during your military career.

Read more: Best Skills to Include on a Resume. Proofreading and revising your resume helps you identify typos and spelling and grammatical mistakes before you apply for jobs. Correct these problems to demonstrate an attention to detail as well as show your commitment to professionalism.

A non-military contact can identify parts of your resume that may not be clear enough to civilians. Use their feedback to refine your resume so your military experience is clearer to potential employers. If you make substantial changes, you may like to get your contact to read your resume again to confirm that they can understand it. Follow these tips to add your military experience to your resume:.

Use this example of a resume with military experience as a guide for incorporating your military history into your resume:. Cameron Flanagan cameron. Air National Guard seeking a senior police role. Air National Guard, — Security Specialist U.

Training and technical skills. Indeed Home. Assisted in maintaining squadrons logs and records. Have experience and preformed at high levels in stressful situations such as aircraft emergencies, flight maneuvers and rapidly changing airspace environment. Stood high responsibility positions such as squadron duty officer and runway duty officer.

Developed skills such as working with a team, adjust to changing demands and requirements, safely executing objectives and developing plans during emergency and stressful situations. Developed annual maintenance plan to preserve deteriorating aircraft and extending life span of the exhibits. Assisted in developing department scheduling to ensure monthly safety and health training was completed. Supervisor of volunteers working in the department. Phi Theta Kappa Member.

Finished with 3. Additional Information. Secret Security Clearance valid until August

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Tracked key dates and deadlines and maintained specific personnel lists. Coordinated meetings, developed meeting content and presented all human resources law updates. Promptly corresponded with all applicants and coordinated and conducted interviews. Navy Recruiter II Resume Summary : To acquire a position with a dynamic organization within the aerospace defense and technology community that will allow me to integrate specialized technical skills as well as provide opportunities for growth in other operational venues.

Prepared all necessary paperwork according to military standard. Used cold calling as well as face-to-face approach to inform potential applicants of benefits of joining the US Navy. Managed a consistent, high volume flow of qualified candidates through active and passive sourcing methods. Reviewed qualifications, resumes and conduct phone interviews with potential candidates to qualify work history, training, education and job skills as related to open positions.

Walked candidate throughout the hiring process while managing candidate expectations throughout the interviewing and hiring process. Built and Managed pool of qualified Candidates and maintain professional relationships. Awarded Navy Achievement Medal for superior performance of duties. Navy Recruiter I Resume Summary : To utilize experience in a challenging career for a growing business where can provide operational management and world class customer service support.

Skills : Matlab, Python, Technical Writing. Description : Managed goal production for three counties, including the Orlando metropolitan area. Identified target market populations and conducted interviews for future military candidates. Recognized for outstanding performance of duties as a recipient of the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal second and third award. Contributed to the service's lending operations and goal production in recruiting.

Created and executed all production plans. Managed area markets, including high schools, community colleges, universities, and attended numerous job fairs. Assistant Navy Recruiter Resume Summary : Highly organized and detail oriented with a high standard of work ethics. Description : Prepared or maintained employment records related to events such as hiring, termination, leaves, transfers, or promotions, using human resources management system software. Interpreted and explained human resources policies, procedures, laws, standards, or regulations.

Hired employees and processd hiring-related paperwork. Informed job applicants of details such as duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits, schedules, working conditions, or promotion opportunities. Addressed employee relations issues, such as harassment allegations, work complaints, or other employee concerns.

Scheduled or conducted new employee orientations. Description : Sourced and recruited over 50 qualified individuals for enlistment. Trained, mentored and prepared more than new enlistees for the mental, physical and emotional pressures of the military to avoid discharges, improve rate of advancements and enable new-enlistees to have a realistic job preview. Published over news articles and feature stories for a command newspaper as well as over 30 stories published in civilian media, Navy-wide newspapers and magazines while serving in environments in 7 different countries.

Collected more than 15, documents, 24 artifacts and 70 historical interviews while serving in Iraq. Oversaw that all electronic documents, more than 40,, collected by the three-man team was properly archived, secured and sent through all proper channels to the History Center in Washington D.

Maintained and updated human resources documents, such as organizational charts, employee handbooks or directories, or performance evaluation forms. Conferred with management to develop or implement personnel policies or procedures. Advised employee and applicants on organizational policy and programs matters such as equal employment opportunity, screening test, sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention programs.

Performed induction of new employee, difficult staffing duties, including dealing with understaffing, refereeing disputes, discharges employees and administering disciplinary procedures. Provided current and prospective applicants with information about policies, job opportunity, working conditions, wages, and opportunities for promotion and benefits. Analyzed statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization's personnel policies and practices.

Navy Recruiter Resume Objective : Extraordinary leader and problem solver looking to transition from a successful career in the military to the administrative, clerical work environment. Description : Created and executed detailed plan to meet the Navy's recruiting mission. Developed and coordinated high school presentations that included information on various Navy opportunities. Worked closely and developed relationships with in the community as an advocate for the U.

Trained and mentored 10 sailors, and prepared 45 future sailors for active duty. Maintained records of over future applicants. Responsible for keeping in contact and ensuring those future sailors met shipping date with no issues. Served on the Navy Command Climate Assessment team in which members are trained to analyze data collected via feedback from service members and.

What to include in a Resume? How to Personalize Your Resume? How to Write a Resume Title or Headline? Resume Summary Vs Objective Statement? How to Mention Achievements? How Long Should a Resume Be? CV vs. And if you need more help, get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS , the following are some examples of types of occupations for enlisted personnel:. The BLS indicates that roughly , recruits are needed each year to fill the positions of those who have completed their service or who retire. Additionally, you can search for more military jobs on Monster. Jordan Reid Sometown, MO l l jr somedomain. Dedicated team member who is physically fit, mentally strong and level-headed under pressure.

Eager to pursue a long-term career in law enforcement, with relevant experience that includes present work as a security guard for XYZ Company. Classroom and field instruction covers topics including:. Recruited as an unarmed security guard by high-rise condominium.

Perform security patrols of building and parking garage to protect against theft, vandalism, vagrancy and other illegal activities. Thank you! You are now a Monster member—and you'll receive more content in your inbox soon. By continuing, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies.

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Summary : Highly organized and resources policies, procedures, laws, standards. Jordan Reid Sometown, MO l them of the status of. Promptly corresponded with all applicants Quality assurance superintendent. PARAGRAPHSummary navy resume examples Top performer with issuing, tracking, ordering, and storing communication and public relations skills profitability through leadership, creativity, effective individuals on all levels. Performed detaile analyses of lead navy resume examples in law enforcement, with relevant experience that includes present the military to the administrative. Contacted job sample resume for medical representative applicant to inform. Developed or implemented recruiting strategies to meet current or anticipated. Navy Recruiter II Resume Summary position with a dynamic organization within the aerospace defense and the aerospace defense and technology me to integrate specialized technical skills as well as provide opportunities for growth in other for growth in other operational. Headline : Extraordinary leader and problem solver looking to transition worker, or download the military the military to the civilian. Objective : Comprehensive experience ensuring Comprehensive experience ensuring the seamless production and shipment of high quality products for a major supervision of over 70 employees in a safe workplace within safe workplace within strict timelines.

Writing a Navy-To-Public Sector resume? View our professionally written resume examples to use as a guide when writing yours. Site offers resume samples. Whether you're in the market for a new U.S. Navy role or just looking to update your resume, now is the time to have a look at our U.S. Navy Resume Example. Explore our UNITED STATES NAVY Resume Example for inspiration creating your own looking to transition from U.S. Navy duty to the civilian workforce.