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Language skill cover letter

Here are a few suggestions gleaned from our review of employment materials at the Writing Center. How many applicants do you think the employer will be reviewing? Odds are, you will be one of many. You will need to stand out! Find out how you can market yourself in a unique way that makes you stand out for that particular job and consider length, depth of information, etc.

What kind of organization is it? Be sure to do your homework about the organization. Once you know what kind of work they do, what their mission is, and how you would best fit with them, you are likely to write in a more effective way for that specific company.

Understanding your audience is key! Sentences you find in a sample resume or cover letter look copied and unimpressive. The reader will have seen these before. Weak: This looks as if you can send it to employers. It is not specific enough for the readers to know whether or not you are qualified enough for a position.

Strong: This gives the readers some detail about the kind of experience you have had. Do this in terms of what you can offer that the organization wants. Possessing proficiency in multiple languages can open a range of professional opportunities. When applying for jobs, listing your language skills on your resume can help make your resume more noticeable to an employer.

The position you apply for may require knowledge of a certain language or it may be a nice benefit for the employer you possess these skills. In this article, we explain what resume language skills are and how to effectively highlight your language skills on your resume. Language skills are the additional languages you are proficient in besides the language your resume is written in.

If you are applying for a job in the U. The language skills on your resume could include any other languages in which you have intermediate, advanced, proficient or native comprehension abilities. Communication is a critical part of any job, and depending on the role, you may need to communicate with colleagues, managers or customers.

Recruiters often look for language skills because they show your ability to communicate with a diverse range of people. They also show hard work and dedication to learning something new and challenging. Knowing a second language shows cultural knowledge, which is an important tool to have since businesses are globalizing across all industries.

Already knowing the language of a country that your prospective employer works in can help your resume stand out. Besides being able to communicate with their international partners, you may also know their cultural customs and be able to interact with them in a culturally appropriate manner.

Language skills can help advance your career in several ways. As individuals and families mobilize to new countries, small domestic employers will benefit from being able to communicate directly with their clients. Regardless of the languages you speak or your professional industry, language skills can help grow your professional network, allow for more job opportunities and show your soft skills.

As you prepare a new resume for an employer, consider how the additional languages you speak will apply to the business. If they are listed as a job requirement for the position, then highlight your language skills prominently on your resume. Even if not required, you can always list languages in the skills section of your resume. If language requirements are not explicitly listed in the job description, research the company location and where they conduct business internationally.

For example, a business that works with Chinese agencies might benefit from someone familiar with Mandarin and Chinese cultural customs. If the role involves working with members of the public, language skills are beneficial to include on your resume. Related: 6 Universal Rules for Resume Writing. Before listing languages on your resume, review your speaking, reading and listening comprehension of the language.

The language level descriptions below can help you determine whether you are a beginner, intermediate or fluent language speaker. The ILR was developed for the U. If you use the ILR language scale, add the ILR denotation on your resume so the employer knows the standard by which you are determining your skills.

Once you establish your language comprehension levels, you are ready to list your skills on your resume. Besides a section for language skills, you may also highlight them at the top of your resume in your summary. Here are three steps to follow to add language skills to your resume:. Depending on the job requirements, a basic note after each language using the beginner to native scale listed above can be sufficient.

If a designated proficiency level is listed on the job description, be sure to list your language rating following the scale they used on the posting. A resume for a position that does not interact with international clients regularly might not require a formal rating scale.

If your comprehension levels vary among speaking, reading and listening, you may need to list each rating separately, but if you have a similar rating across all categories, you can choose an average and list this on your resume to save space. Be prepared to speak to your abilities during the interview and show proof of your comprehension level.

Your language abilities can be listed under your skills, education or as its own section, depending on the position and the number of languages you speak. If you speak several languages or if knowledge of a particular language is critical for the role, you can create a separate section on your resume to highlight your language abilities.


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