how to write a high school student27s resume

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How to write a high school student27s resume professional cv writing edinburgh

How to write a high school student27s resume

If no degree was awarded, list major if applicable , name and location of school, number of credits completed, and dates attended. High school is rarely included unless you are a recent high school graduate or wish to draw attention to something special about your high school experience. Other academic information, if relevant and supportive of your objective, could include the following:.

If you have two or more honors and awards, you may choose to create a separate section titled Honors and Awards in which to list these for greater emphasis. Likewise, if course projects, internships, and clinical or eld experiences are among your most relevant qualications, consider creating a separate section, which may be titled Related Experience.

For an example of a Related Experience section, see the sample resume for Annie Tran in this section. For each experience, include the job title; name and location city and state of organization; the dates you participated; and a description of the skills, competencies, accomplishments, and knowledge you demonstrated. To choose a format that best high-lights your experience, see examples of the chronological, related, or relevant experience, and functional formats displayed later in this section.

Well-chosen descriptive details help communicate your initia-tive, follow through, and problem-solving skills. Employers often search electronic resume databases using key words to locate candidates with preferred qualications. SkillsSpecialized skills, such as computer or foreign language skills, may be included in your resume. List relevant skills and your level of expertise. Or, if certain skills are particularly relevant to your objective, you may choose to list them under a separate Com-puter Skills or Technical Skills section.

Log in Get Started. TAGS: sample resume brief summary separate resume best resume cover lettersthis section cover lettersresume wellarticulated resume t able. Download for free Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x Check out the samples in this section and on careers. In ThisSectionYou will learnThe dierent resume formats. What should be included in a cover letter. About other letters and how to compose them. How to ask for reference and know the format for including them in your application.

Sample Summary of Qualicationst Excel at oral communications, evidenced by four successful years on Forensic Team. Begin with Resumes A resume is a brief summary of your qualications, education, and experiences relevant to your job search objective. Include the following: t Degree s awarded t Major and minor t Month and year degree was or will be awarded t Name and location of college or university If you are about to graduate and transferred from a school where you received an associate degree or no degree, you may choose to list the school to call attention to your degree, relevant honors, courses, or accomplishments.

Financed 75 percent of college costs through part-time employment. ExperienceThis section may include the following: t Full-time experience t Part-time experience t Internships and co-op positions t Signicant volunteer, leadership, eld, and practicum experiences t Signicant course projects For each experience, include the job title; name and location city and state of organization; the dates you participated; and a description of the skills, competencies, accomplishments, and knowledge you demonstrated.

Tips for Creating the Most Eective Descriptionst Action Verbs: State your experiences in phrases that begin with action verbs and show the scope and results of your activ-ity e. Adoption of Learning Analytics. Pages The Politics of Learning Analytics.

Learning Analytics and the Measurement of Learning Engagement. Ann Luzeckyj, Deborah S. West, Bill K. Searle, Daniel P. Toohey, Jessica J. Vanderlelie, Kevin R. Page 1 Navigate to page number of 2. About this book Introduction The book aims to advance global knowledge and practice in applying data science to transform higher education learning and teaching to improve personalization, access and effectiveness of education for all.

This volume provides insight into the emerging paradigms, frameworks, methods and processes of managing change to better facilitate organizational transformation toward implementation of educational data mining and learning analytics.


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