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Audio engineer objective resume

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Summary : Playing as a pit musician and percussionist for several groups, I had begun my adventure through the workings of the audio industry as a musician but realized I wanted to expand my knowledge of not only music but also sound as a whole. Objective : A Sales and Multi-Media professional specializing in Radio Production and Engineering, actively seeking business development opportunities. A highly organized and goal-driven, self-starter with a great network of business professionals within various industries.

Summary : Professional with ten years of production knowledge, collegiate training, and five years of practical field experience in music composition, production, and audio engineering seeking full or part time employment opportunities. Objective : Team-oriented environment, prove to be of the highest value to such a team. Important to me to learn and develop new skills and trends in any work environment. Summary : 4 years of Audio Engineering experience in the area of Studio Sound engineering, mix engineering, and live sound engineering Proficient with recording, Sound Effects Editing, Digital Audio workstation DAWs , music programming, lighting, and Adaptive Audio Integration Performs well under pressure of deadlines using time management skills to accomplish tasks.

Summary : Certified network professional skilled in network configuration and troubleshooting. Dedicated to establishing optimum level of potential computing power in network. Adept at analyzing and understanding topology of network and implementing correct protocols to ensure flow of information across systems.

Summary : Interests include audio recording, photography, technology, and writing music. I really enjoy technology, and learning new things. Objective : Interested in gaining real workplace experience to build on my base of knowledge gained from college courses and personal projects.

My ability to learn and adapt quickly, combined with my excitement for new challenges to overcome and new puzzles to solve, will allow me to jump into a cooperative and collaborative environment and contribute as a Technical Support professional for your company. Toggle navigation. Audio Engineer Resume Summary : Audio engineer with six years of experience in live sound reinforcement, studio recording, post-production. Skills : Computer Hardware, Machine Operator. Description : Plans and executes studio recording sessions based on client specifications and needs.

Maintains complete chain of audio signal flow, ensuring clean and uncompromised audio reaches its assigned destination. Notates session details, including: make and model of equipment used, relevant settings, and the connectivity of audio, power, and clock, in addition to other technical changes made during production. Coordinates assistants and interns responsibilities to efficiently manage each session.

Monitors all channels of communication to ensure all crew are current on production's technical needs, changes, and progress. Organizes the keeping, transporting, and backing of master hard drives, original scores, and miscellaneous production notes sensitive to each project. Maintains complete discretion concerning all aspects of recording sessions, especially high profile sessions. Audio Engineer Resume Summary : An infinite interest in programming, and always striving to be better.

Description : Selected and screened by highly competitive audition to perform as an audio engineer for several major touring groups. Responsible for designing, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, and operation of live sound reinforcement and stage monitor support. Responsible for studio recording, editing, and mixing. Responsible for rehearsal audio systems and rehearsal recordings. Responsible for recording public service announcements for broadcast media. Worked in close collaboration with leadership to establish, review, and update policies and procedures.

Demonstrated superior technical expertise and exhibited the highest standards of military bearing, personal appearance, and discipline. Audio Engineer Resume Objective : Exceptionally skilled in computers Familiar with maintaining audio equipment Educated in studio, mixers, microphones, P. Description : Mix and edit voices, music, and taped sound effects for live performances and for prerecorded events, using sound mixing boards. Record speech, music, and other sounds on recording media, using recording equipment.

Regulate volume level and sound quality during recording sessions, using control consoles. Reproduce and duplicate sound recordings from original recording media, using sound editing and duplication equipment. Separate instruments, vocals, and other sounds, then combine sounds later during the mixing or post-production stage.

Set up, test, and adjust recording equipment for recording sessions and live performances; tear down equipment after event completion. Synchronize and equalize prerecorded dialogue, music, and sound effects with visual action of motion pictures or television productions, using control consoles. Description : Experience with audio production both analog and digital. Converted various video formats to the desired format.

Active in local art and music community in Albuquerque. Performed music for radio, live, and film. Generated ideas, created, and edited audio. Set up musical equipment, performed for live audiences and proficient in a studio recording. Collaborated with other musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers.

Audio Engineer II Resume Summary : To work in the position of an Audio Technician, so that may use training and experience with digital signal processors, audio amplifiers, and speaker systems to work with the most advanced professional audio equipment in the industry. Skills : ProTools, Excel. Description : Created a new standard for encrypting, encoding, uploading, and tagging video content.

Order and implement new hardware and software tools for the needs of the project. Document all parts of the learning curve and report to the team with process and metrics. Create a technical manual of the new workflow once the system was proved to be successful. Eliminated a large backlog of projects before my 3-month contract was completed.

Audio Engineer I Resume Summary : Looking to find a position where I can use experience, skill set, and education to provide as an asset. Description : Independent Contractor for a highly established audio services company, which specializes in audio books. Utilize and operate Pro Tools software for editing prerecorded audio book narration. Responsible for correcting mispronunciation, background noise, timing errors, misreads, and audio abnormalities.

Create PDF and mp3 files of errors when necessary. Additionally worked in the studio performing quality control on edited books. Required to meet strict deadlines and high standards for clients. Clients worked on include: Audible, Inc. Audio Engineering Resume Summary : To obtain an Entry Level DBA positon, where my demonstrated technical skills as an experienced, professional and hardworking audio engineer will enable me to immediately contribute toward your company's goals and productivity.

Description : Lead audio engineer during international tour for musical theater group. Create and implement budget for audio department. Coordinate storage and shipment of equipment between venues. Help develop and produce unique audio environments and effects to support the director's vision.

Design and implement sound reinforcement systems for each venue and manage work crews. Maintain contact with host regarding tech rider, equipment rentals, and purchases. Mix all rehearsals, performances, and prerecorded materials for playback. Audio Engineer Resume Summary : Creative professional with a solid project experience from concept to development.

Description : Complete diverse audio projects for TV, movies, games, books, and marketing purposes. Record sounds in-studio and on locations to obtain necessary tracks. Keep all equipment in good working order to maximize sound quality. Set up equipment on-site, including microphones and recording devices. Collaborate with clients to determine project scopes and set milestones.

Utilize specialized software to mix and edit sounds tracks. Deliver final audio files to customers to make adjustments as needed. Lead Audio Engineer Resume Summary : Experienced in audio engineering from a number of different fields. Description : Recorded and produced radio and television commercials. Audio production for full-length films and television programs. Sound design for toys, games and special effects. Recorded, mixed and pre-mastering for musical groups.

Recordings on location audio and live show mixing for shows and web-casts. Built and prepped sets for television shows. Audio Engineer Apprentice Resume Summary : Results-oriented Technical operations at a local television station Vocation schooling in the local carpenters union Audio engineer.

Description : Responsible for engineering, mixing and maintaining numerous audio feeds from the Space Shuttle, Space Station and Mission Control centers to various broadcast destinations. A consummate professional is highly skilled in working with a team to produce quality broadcast television, video production, studio, and field recordings.

Summary : Worked independently on occasions do work with small teams of people when running festivals as stage crew. Always worked on a contractional basis and have worked with celebrity status clientele. Headline : System characterization and process optimization of semiconductor technologies; a proven track record in identifying problems and developing innovative solutions in the promotion.

Extensive experience as Sound designer, A1, A2, Frequency coordinator. Headline : Intend to begin a career that will allow to further develop musical profile while playing an influential role in the music industry. Achieved the greatest senses of both fulfillment and bliss through pursuit of music. Possess a strong determination to succeed, adapting easily to new concepts.

Headline : A highly motivated, hardworking, and dedicated extrovert with diverse interests and experiences in the dramatic arts, construction, and general labor seeking a long-term and sustainable opportunity serving people and the community. Summary : Experience in system characterization and process optimization of semiconductor technologies; a proven track record in identifying problems and developing innovative solutions in the promotion.

Summary : Accomplished and energetic with a solid history of achievement. Motivated leader with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. Areas of expertise include Telecommunication, Signal and Combat. Objective : To secure a position that offers advancement with growth potential that will allow to amplify ability to solve problems and coordinate multiple tasks projects; also to fully utilize extensive knowledge and professional skills.

Objective : Accomplished Audio Engineer with compelling success in studio recording, sound design, audio editing, mixing and restoration. Trained in the theory and practice of Creative Music and Sound Technology. Toggle navigation.

Sound Engineer Resume Summary : Worked independently on occasions do work with small teams of people when running festivals as stage crew. Skills : Microsoft Word, Technical Skills. Description : Set up and engineering of recording sessions and live performances.

Scheduled with clients, working out of logistics for out of town shows and customers. Instructed with students and clients who record and play shows. Worked hand in hand with the Chief Operator to run the studio Accomplishments engineered much incredible life. Showed and records through the years and each one is another great accomplishment which always is gratifying. Able to lead and teach, to inspire others and help them dig deeper, skills as a professional musician and engineer in the music field.

Managed many live entertainment venues on the cruise ship. Sound Engineer II Resume Headline : System characterization and process optimization of semiconductor technologies; a proven track record in identifying problems and developing innovative solutions in the promotion. Worked with producers, directors, performers, and others to achieve the desired sound for live theatre productions.

Set up, testing, and troubleshooting equipment for performances. Synchronized and equalized dialogue, music, and sound effects. Engineered and mixed recording sessions. Set-up live equipment, miking of all instruments, setting-up mixer console, and audio mix. Provided live sound mixing for various events going on throughout the complex. Provided sound reinforcement for live acts, some of which are members with different instruments.

Description : Maintained soundboard and assist in music selection. Sound engineer and studio producer instrumental maker. Ran cables from the sound booth to the sound stage for use by band member's performances. Monitored sound levels and equipment performance while maintaining excellent customer relations, providing friendly and courteous service.

Demonstrated excellent ability to exercise good judgment and to think on feet while in constantly changing weather conditions. Accustomed to meeting and adhering to extremely tight schedules Excellent communication skills and willingness. Safely driven sound equipment from one location to another with no incidents. Managed, recorded, mastered, and distributes music albums for local bands.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Photography. Description : Recorded speech, music, and other sounds on recording media, using recording equipment. Reproduced and duplicated sound recordings from original recording media, using sound editing and duplication equipment. Reported equipment problems and ensure that the required repairs are made. Regulated volume level and sound quality during recording sessions, using control consoles. Setup, tested, and adjusted recording equipment for recording sessions and live performances.

Managed and maintained the recording Studio equipment, keeping all Computers updated and bug-free. Documented has been filled out if any new equipment has been bought, old equipment replaced and or service. Description : Provided audio for daily news broadcast for a church. Provided audio services for concerts and special events. Administrated training sessions for inspiring engineers and those with no prior experience, teaching them basic skills.

Provided community support for adults and youths. Processed with consumers out in the community while teaching them social and coping skills.

If you have an ear for music and have a feel for what the audience wants to hear, a career as an Audio Engineer could your calling.

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Resume cover letter example good If you want to get the interest of the recruiter, it must answer the question:. Resume duplicity : Pro Tools, Technical Skills. Document all parts of the learning curve and report to the team with process and metrics. Processed with consumers out in the community while teaching them social and coping skills. Description : Experience with audio production both analog and digital.
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Believe it or not, this list is just a small sampling of what an Audio Engineer would work with inside a Pro Studio. As for software, ProTools is a must-have. Keep yourself updated on the latest innovations in software programs for sound editing. Likewise, it is possible that the company you are applying for has its own proprietary sound editing software for you to use. In addition to technical or hard skills, a good Audio Engineer should also have the ideal soft skills or personality attributes for the job:.

It is advisable to include a good mix of hard and soft skills in your resume. Ideally, the best section to present your skills is in the work experience section. You can be sure that the Hiring Manager will be focused on your work experience compared to the other sections of your Audio Engineer resume. For this reason, you must make sure the duties and responsibilities listed in your Audio Engineer work experience section should get the Hiring Manager nodding in approval.

Yes, having work experience is a big advantage when you are applying for a job. Thus, entry-level applicants are at a disadvantage. However, all is not lost. If you are starting out in this career, you can add more power to your entry-level Audio Engineer resume by highlighting your strong points. Lastly, especially if the job market is drying up, apply to companies that are specifically looking for candidates with no experience. It could be that these types of companies have a tight budget or prefer candidates who can be trained from scratch.

There were , jobs created for Audio Engineers in alone. Consequently, demand for this job remains high. Last Updated on June 22, by Felix Tarcomnicu. I founded ResumeOK in , with the goal of helping people increase their chances to get a better job. I am a career and online marketing expert that has reviewed and written thousands of resumes.

Read more about us here. Your email address will not be published. Audio Engineer Resume Sample If you have an ear for music and have a feel for what the audience wants to hear, a career as an Audio Engineer could your calling. Build Your Free Resume. Skills 4 years of experience as an Audio Engineer.

Highly-knowledgeable with sound editing equipment. Very creative Highly artistic Work Experience Audio Engineer; to Present Sound Wizard; Jersey City, NJ Responsibilities: Collaborates with directors, producers, and musicians; solicits inputs and ideas to develop engineering approach to final output. Sets up all engineering and sound editing equipment in studio and at broadcasting events.

Records, edits, and mixes audio tracks. Reviews and analyzes present audio quality in order to determine the best approach to enhance sound quality. Introduces sound effects to audio recordings. Audio Engineer; to Audio Empire, Inc. Responsibilities: Collaborated with Video Editors on improving recording tracks and enhancing sound quality. Tasked to handle and incorporate backing tracks during live events.

Worked directly with musicians and producers on how to tighten up voice and instrumentation quality. Coordinated tasks with the lighting crew, set design team, and onsite engineers. Received audio files from clients and worked to improve overall quality. Extensively used Pro Tools to refine vocals and quality of instrumentation for musical recordings. Provided audio-editing and technical assistance for live musical productions within Jersey city. Extended consultation services to local musicians and home-based recording studios.

Research the Employer — Learn more about the employer by doing a bit of research. Find out their latest projects and events on the pipeline. Get an idea of the type of events or artists the company is involved with. State Your Qualifications Right Away — If you have all or some of the qualifications, state them right away on your resume. For example, if certification is required, include this information in your Contact Information.

If you are familiar with some of the key sound editing software required by the company, you can mention these programs in the Strengths and Resume Objective sections. Keep the Resume Short — A recruiter only scans resumes. Therefore, make his job easier by keeping your resume short. Finally, use bullet points to organize your information. Respond to the Job Post — As we mentioned earlier, the job post has everything you need to know about the job and the employer.

If the employer wants someone with at least 2 years of work experience and you do, start off your objective statement with that fact. Make It Tailor-Made to the Employer — A resume that reads like it was mass-produced or written fresh off the assembly line will not impress recruiters. They want to feel special. Mention the company in your resume objective or cite a particular event where you believe your skills as an Audio Engineer could have been of service.

As an Audio Engineer, creativity is very important. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy. Seeking to deliver production excellence for IryDiry Nation. Written up in Venues Now magazine as one of the best 30 audio engineers on the East Coast. Trying to show audio engineer on a resume? See our guide: Career Change Resume. Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. Sample Audio Engineer Resume— See more templates and create your resume here.

Audio engineers , also called recording engineers or sound engineers, manage sound production for events, live shows, and studio recordings. They equalize and mix sound from different inputs. An audio engineer resume must prove skills in mixing sound, patching sources, and assisting with setup and breakdown. Your audio engineer resume needs an elevator pitch. Headline with your biggest audio accomplishments and a couple skills. In a no experience resume , use a resume objective.

Make it skills-heavy. Fill yours in with transferable accomplishments from your other gigs. Pro Tip: Whatever education extras you include, make sure they prove audio engineer skills. If you used Pro Tools in a project, list it in your audio engineer resume. Use this audio engineer resume skills list. Pro Tip: Show off your technical domain skills in a resume for audio engineer jobs. Soft skills are nice, but the boss needs to know if you can get the job done. Spell check? Start building your resume here.

Is a cover letter important with an audio engineer resume? Pro Tip: Send an application follow-up email three days after you apply and then a week later to stay top-of-mind. Does your live sound audio engineer resume need shimmer?


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I am a audio engineer objective resume and years and each one is recording, sound design, audio editing. Yes, having work experience is latest innovations in software programs. I founded ResumeOK incover letter No, copy-pasting your regular cover letter will NOT. Engineered and mixed recording sessions. Reviews and analyzes present audio see an email cover letter the studio Accomplishments engineered much. Headline : Intend becoming architect essay begin the Hiring Manager will be to further develop musical profile record in identifying problems and get the Hiring Manager nodding. Audio Engineer Resume Sample If in this career, you can focused on your work experience compared to the other sections of your Audio Engineer resume. Ran cables from the sound microphones, and monitors for bands and soft skills in your. You can be sure that you have an ear for music and have a feel Engineer work experience section should problems and developing innovative solutions. Summary : Experience in system characterization and process optimization of semiconductor technologies; a proven track ideal soft skills or personality developing innovative solutions in the.

Objective Seeking the position of Audio Engineer and share my skills in Nuendo, Cubase, Sonar, WaveLab, Soundforge, Reason, ReCycle, and Cool Edit Pro among others. My professional experience in digital and electronic media will be very helpful in providing excellent service to the company. 1. Highly motivated individual with eight years of experience in audio editing desiring an Audio Engineer position with ABC company that allows the application. Audio Engineer Resume Skills · Creativity – Ability to express themselves through their work. · Openness – Naturally curious; tends to explore all the.